Damedest thing I ever witnessed!!

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Posted by Lester ( on December 01, 2000 at 15:44:38:

Well if you haven't read the thread below begining with
'Asshole' then you should.. It's an example of all thats
wrong with cyberchat. I hope I can stop this before it really gets ugly,
cuse I have no idea where its going.

I made a appearently less than funny comment about a post
which I thought contained a sort of pissed off threat and
an explicative. Next I'm told to buzz off cause it none of
my bussiness. When I questioned the wisdom of that comment
I was further schooled about email address usage.(I don't
include them cause I don't want to correspond with all
of america). May be bad form but thats my story and I'm
sticking with it.

Next I was schooled about when and when not to responed
to a post on an open board. That was probably correct but
not a rule I follow. Next was my IP address. We are at
a point in our cyber lives when everyone is a villian and
must be tracked down i suppose. But OH MY, I had two, countem
two address. I got to be honest with you I have no idea
how IP address work, but i give my oath that from the time
this little funarama started to this very post I have not left
my chair.

Now the kicker, some one named August outed me for using an
atomizer or something to hide the fact that I'm 'gary'??
and by the way a something or other little bastard I think.

Wow am I starting to feel that alittle anger mgmt class
could benefit alot of us.. Guys if you don't want your
business out in public then don't put out for all to see.
I won't be making any apologies to anyone over this but
won't be suggesting classes for anyone to attend either.

Hope Whoever shows up for ted, wish Gary luck with his
atomizer and I meant the love and kisses for Margi(even if
she's abit grumpy). Hope you all work this out and have
a wonderful pain free day.......As Romey says, Peace &
I'm out.

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