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Posted by Jude ( on December 02, 2000 at 20:29:04:

In Reply to: new person posted by Becky on December 01, 2000 at 20:53:35:

Hi Becky, I say, along with other cluster heads, a mixed welcome: Glad you found us, sorry you suffer from the demon head. I am very interested in the relationship between estrogen and cluster headaches. Women can get migraines while on "the pill". Also, I have heard that women can stop getting migraines at menopause or start. I am speaking of migraines here, not c/a's. Many women are misdiagnosed as having migraines, when they are really CA. Men too, but I think that it is slightly worse for women. I have two major medical problems: CA's and hyperthyroidism (Graves disease)that have both gone misdiagnosed and mistreated. I had my thyroid eradiated and have been on thyroid replacement for many years. About the time that some doctor/therapist wants me on anti-depressants, I find out that by thyroid hormones are off. My synthetic thyroid hormones have been all over the charts the last two years because of perimenopause. Docs say no. Haven't been to an endcronologist, though. Like others, they all think I'm absolutely nuts with these cluster episodes. It has been an almost 3 decade battle to get proper treatment (Oxygen works for me most of the time and Maxalt MLT). I am in the battle again: doc not that sympathetic/knowledgable, and HMO doesn't want to pay for Maxalt MLT, and I am in constant shadows that are debilitating (see Kip's scale). Now I am in menopause and hoping that this will mean the end of the CA's. Anyway, back to you. My main concern about the BCP's is that you are at increased risk of a stroke or heart attack if you are over 30, smoke, & take BCP's. If you start on this journey by taking abortive drugs that work on the vascular system (Imitrex, Maxalt, etc.,) I think it proably would not be wise! Also, you can't take BCP's forever. It seems like having a regularized dose of estrogen is somehow preventing you from having breakthrough CA.s. Your testosterone levels are being effected too, as is your progesterone. You will have to research, try to get the best care, get help here to be aggressive about it, and make trial & error decisions. They are starting to push estrogen down my throat, but I ain't swallow'n it. I am doing weight bearing exercise & watching the studies. Oh, do any of you know about hormones & CA's? By the way, my father stopped having CA's around 50. I read that some people stop having migraines later in life because the arteries are not as elastic. Wonder if we can look forward to a cure with age? What a "cure", huh? If an of you would more information on estrogen, ERT/HRT click on the link below or e-mail me.

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