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Posted by Miguel ( on December 02, 2000 at 21:28:16:

In Reply to: better bring an alternate with you... posted by pinksharkmark on December 02, 2000 at 13:38:18:

You are right. The Supersonic, camless, 8.1 worked
up to 20 knots. Then rigged down to an
old V-8, 3-X, 7.5 NP. It did Ok until close to
30 knots. Nothing broke. Carbon fiber is the
way to go. The chop was not that bad, 1 to 2.5
feet. There were a few air times,
very short ones, and involuntarily done.
My sailing buddy thought I was nuts. He
was using a North 6.8 (2x?) and a Mistral Shredder.
I whipped his butt with the old sail that he sold me, the V-8.
Afterwards he said: Man...I was so close to you, fast planing...
then you pointed further downwind and took off...
I thought, forget it...I ain't going there!

I kind of figured that getting my butt as close to the water,
while keeping legs straight and only sheetting-in with my bod
via harness would balance the wind's force. Maybe
I just lucked out.

At around 30 Knt I rigged down to a very very old Slalom, camless, 6.1 UP. That sucked!
No stability, no upwind power at all. However, it felt like a feather
after the other two. The only two things I do not like about the
old V-8: 1) Heavy as hell (vere thick mono + dacron), 2) it is sort
of an all-or-nothing sail. There is no in between. Great low end
power, but that is exactly it. Who needs low end power with that kind of wind.
Camless Supersonic is the way to go, better handling, very forgiving,
super light, responsive, and handles gusts incredibly well.
I need to get a nice, used 6.5 - 6.8 Camless Supersonic NP...
The old (1997) Xantos 325 (169 l) behaved like a tropper. All I wish
is for bigger foot straps holes. Got them adjusted
as far as they would go, yet can only get my tippy toes in.

What a ride dude...

("sucking the marrow out of life", since such is only
a temporary instance in time).

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