I wanted to say hi and post my mushroom update

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Posted by Mitch ( on December 05, 2000 at 22:34:11:

I have been posting on the board when I can for the last couple of months. However, I never really said hello to everyone. I just want to thank all of you. I have learned more about our condition in the last two months than I have in the fifteen years that I have been a sufferer.

A little bit about my past to get to the present.

I first started having ch's when I was twenty. I was chronic for years.
Everyday, with occasional two to three week periods without any. I had been using drugs including mushrooms back then. But my memory of those days is a bit foggy. Later, while in college, I would often go to see the Grateful Dead and during these trips I would take LSD or Mushrooms at most of the shows. I don't recall ever having a ch during or for some time after these trips. I never thought that the drugs had anything to do with this. I was just glad that the ch free periods were getting longer. Later, I went through a three-year period ch free that was shortly after I had surgery on my left ear. I'm a lefty.
Then they came back. But now I seem to be episodic. I get a cycle around early to late October that lasts three to four months. This has been the case for the last several years.

This year was no different. I had just started my cycle when I found this page. I was so happy to find you all. Where the hell were you guys fifteen years ago? I read and learned and used the search to learn more. I had been to many doctors and tried some of the preventatives with little success.

This is what I decided to do. I went and got an 02 bottle. It works great for me. Thanks again. I had been using imitrex that I got from my doctor last year. I used it several times at the onset of this cycle.
I was about 2 weeks into this cycle when I took about one gram dried Shrooms. Oh, by the way I haven't done any drugs for years. I'm a family man these days with two beautiful children.

I didn't feel the uneasiness that shrooms usually give me when they first come on. I used to take 3-6 grams to get off. About 20 min. after ingestion I started to get a Ch. I was disappointed and used 02 to abort it. I didn't feel much from the shrooms, things just seemed a little brighter.

It's been three weeks now and I haven't had any ch's. I do feel like one is coming on from time to time but it hasn't happened. I have to say that I was skeptical of this treatment but now am sure that there is some merit to it.

Thanks again,

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