I've been chronic for close to 14 months now... Some suggestions.

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Posted by Rick ( on December 06, 2000 at 01:03:29:

In Reply to: Husband in big chronic trouble posted by peni on December 05, 2000 at 18:59:31:

Greetings Peni,
I've not done narcotics in awhile... I haven't been able to afford medical treatment. I have taken some unusual measures with the brain-fire/demon.
For one, I place a hat on with a hatband really tight (to cut off the blood flow), There's also ice, soaking head in cold water from a running shower head (but not diving into it, bodily... Just the head, bend over in it); next, a vibrating device pressed at the base of the neck, pain-side (just below where it starts). If it doesn't give relief there, try pressing it on the very crown of the top/back of the head. (One of the inflamed nerve-bundles travels there, and the vibrations disrupt the vessels squeezing the nerve there.)
A few other things he can try to get sleep and rest: some blood-pressure raising exercise (because, even though it makes the pain peak faster, it also makes it go away faster, and the muscles/blood-vessels strained will relax more, .. for longer periods of time, hence the added sleep between the attacks), more juices! (I've noticed a reduction in attacks when I had lots of juice(s)). V8, Orange(real), Sobe's (the white one, ...lizard blizzard, worked exceptionally well for me); Tomato juice, V8 Splash, and the other vegetable ones. Apple juice didn't seem to affect them at all, but it might work with your hubby.
Other than that, give him the love you've been giving him and never stop. If there's one thing I miss, it's the love and support I used to get from my ex (when we were still together). He needs you more than you know and it is your strength which he relies on (a lot), I can guarantee you of that.
Be strong, it subsides...
E-mail me if there's any way I can help with "just talking about it" or other area of support I can relay to you and him. I know what it's like. He has to be strong, and never give in to the face of this pain. It is horrible, yes. It is agony, yes. It is something noone should ever have to go through, yes, but we unfortunately do... Be strong anyway. Live through it and when they find a cure for us, we can e-mail eachother back and forth and laugh about how good a normal life feels to have again.
Be strong!

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