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Posted by Simon ( on December 06, 2000 at 18:45:46:

In Reply to: Here's my opinion on your opinion posted by My2cents on December 04, 2000 at 20:44:06:

We’re all entitled to our opinions, and I will respect yours.


However, my final comments (to which you’re welcome to reply, but by e-mail please so
as not to clutter the board).

I have been here for all but (I think) eighteen days of its existence, so I too am a regular
reader of this board. My experience during that time, and one can only go on experience,
is that trusting people who post under pseudonyms (particularly ones which look like
commercials), and do so in capitals, is not ALWAYS (note moderation there) totally

I am pleased that you found relief, but I am (sorry, maybe a European perspective) a
believer in meeting a doctor before being prescribed medications - does that make me
strange? You say in your second post that you “visited this site” - whereas since the e-
mail address you gave actually seems to be attached to it, I am not convinced of your
impartiality. (I am perfectly prepared to be proved wrong on that.)

As to whether I was “making rude comments” on that which I “have no idea about”, it
might be worth checking whether or not I am in fact actually that ignorant. I leave that
for others to judge. And, if you check with anyone who knows me, before I post here, I
always do think.

I think there is a fundamental problem here. (This is the bit I resent quite deeply):

I posted in the way I did, to STOP you being flattened by some of the more strident
members of the board, since I knew that several others would dive in and rip hell out of
you. I don’t like that happening, as it is unpleasant and takes up an inordinate amount of
space which could be devoted to ch related issues. Hence a post which, if you re-read it
makes the basic point that those drugs are not recognised treatments for cluster
headaches, though they may help in certain cases. (Funnily enough it worked - see the
number of posts you received).

“This message board isn't for you and you only” - how true. In fact I have recently come
to doubt whether it is for me at all. That is an opinion which unfortunately is being
shared by a growing number of people, purely on the basis of the aggressive posting, the
endless inanity, the strident posturing and the increasingly personal nature of the posts.

BTW - I don’t think I can be criticised for being personal, as you haven’t had the grace to
put your name to either post. Just my opinion, but I find that not only intolerable, but
bloody rude. Oh well, if people want me here they only have to ask. If not, I have
elsewhere to go.


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