A child's crusade

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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on December 09, 2000 at 02:24:43:

Hope the CH vs MIGS crowd gets this.

Adam and I were runnin late to the show tonite so we got a Burger King take out.

I was feedin him his Kid's meal (we both wear Rugrats watches) as I was puttin his makeup on. Me... bein the "big star" and him bein the "kid in the wheelchair on stage"......we are an oddity ....and draw curious kids into our dressing room.

Tonite..... this little cast member girl....5...6 years old...was watchin us ...we were havin a good time ..bein silly (I know that's hard fer you to picture me bein silly) I was puttin on his Clown type Jack-in-the box makeup as I also fed him his dinner..... and ...as half of the bite of cheeseburger drooled out of Adam's mouth onto the paper towel...(a normal deal)....she squinched up her face and said "EEEuch"....An innocent hurtin an innocent....if ya get my drift.

The moment just got ugly.

She hurt him with that comment...I saw it in his face. Instead of killing her...I asked her to leave...(THIS IS THE PART THAT I HOPE THE CH vs MIGRAINE CROWD CAN RELATE TO) she had no idea what I was asking....over and over I hinted that maybe she should GO AWAY...

Finally .... I asked her if I needed to get her parents to escort her out...she skedaddled..... Innocents hurtin innocents.

and...(THIS IS REALLY THE PART THAT I HOPE THE CH vs MIGRAINE CROWD CAN RELATE TO) she came back 15 minutes later.

Like nothing had ever happened....Adam was glad to see her too...we had finished dinner and the "nasty" papertowels of food scraps was in the trash. I just concentrated on the good and ignored the bad.

Innocents hurtin innocents....

For the "CH vs MIG" crowd I submit....take what ya need and leave the rest behind....

Don't hurt people...But as the "Rock" says(Adam loves WWF) "Know yer place"!

Got Clusters?...welcome home....if not ...Don't make me call yer MOM....15 minutes later...like nothin ever happened,... an we were glad to see ya back...as long as ya kin take our jokes

Damn my fangers are tard


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