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Posted by Luke ( on December 17, 2000 at 00:45:02: totally turn around everything we say.
Without drugs I have SEVERAL headaches a day/night. That's a nightmare. And without drugs, they last an hour to an hour and a half on the average.
With drugs(preventives), I get MAYBE...IF that cluster a week. And with drugs(abortives) even that one headache lasts about 5 mins(till the Imitrex injection fully kicks in) and doesn't ever develop to more than a Kip 4 or 5.
You say I still get clusters even when I take drugs. Well look...I've been painfree for a WEEK AND A HALF now, and still going(despite consumption of alcohol tonight)! Do you have ANY IDEA about how many people on this board would kill for a week and a half of relief?! In addition, when I took verapamil, I had NO HEADACHES. Do you understand? NONE. For an entire year. No clusters. Every clusterhead on this board will agree with me that a year of no pain is about as close to paradise as we can imagine. Well I was lucky enough to live through that thanks to a DRUG.
As far as drugs stopping working...EVERY drug eventually loses potency. It's natural. Your body gets used to it. But you know what you do then? You switch to another drug for a period of time. When you go back to the other one, it's like starting over. It's a completely natural scenario.
Please, drop your ego and listen to what we're all saying. All these people that think what you're saying is ridiculous can't all be wrong. And we're not just picking on you. What you are saying, is EXTREMELY, UNQUESTIONABLY, UNDENIABLY, 100 PERCENT DEAD WRONG. There's no other way about it.


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