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Posted by Deveny ( on December 23, 2000 at 22:23:50:

I come here but don't post unless I feel I can help. I try not to post about
things I know nothing about.. I don't have clusters but my mom does and I
have been a supporter of hers for 21 years now. I feel a need to post this.

My mom came to this site and she was so happy she found all of you. She
worked hard trying to help people here. She worked on last years convention
she wrote thousands of emails to hundreds of you here. She was one of the
firsts to greet each of you as you came to the site. She was one of the
firsts who asked you to stay when you said you were leaving. She was one of
the firsts that found you and brought you home when you ran away thinking no
one cared. How many of you called her in the early morning hours and told
her you were giving up? How many times was she there for one of you?

Someone posted an email and some ugly post about her a lot of you jumped on
that and took the side of someone you did not even know. Did you write my
mom and ask her side of the story or did you write her and tell her how bad
she was?

Someone wrote she did not have cancer. Oh God how I wish that was true. I
would give my life for that to be the truth.. My mom is a good woman with a
good heart, she loves you all so much, and after all the hate letters and
phone calls she still works on the convention for who, not her but you all.

Oh mom has blown up at a few of you in chat and on a post and she has beaten
herself up a lot for it. Mom does not need to be punished by anyone mom
punishes herself. She went out of her way to make it up to you. Did any of
you stop to think she was hurting when she jumped just like each of you has
jumped a love one during a cluster. Do you expect mom never to hurt never be
lonely or sad never get angry just always be there. How do you think she
knows how to help people. Its because she has had those same feelings and
she knows what it takes to get rid of those feelings.

My mom misses you all and she needs you all, and you need her, You need each
other. My mom has us but she needs you all as well.

Mom has the flu and is real sick and feeling kind of low she is still
waiting on the biopsy to be done, it was canceled because of the weather.
She posted on headachesupportgroups,com that she is turning everything over to
Todd because she lost her spirit.Help my mom find that spirit again as
she would you if you lost yours show her she is not alone. You all call
this a family, do you turn your backs on a family member when they are down,
no you don't. Its Christmas it's the time of the year to put out your hand
to one and all. You're her friends and you are in her heart if you did not
mean anything to her she would not be hurting right now. Mom does not know
how to ask for help, so I am going to ask for her please help her.

I love you Mom


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