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Posted by Jackie L ( on December 27, 2000 at 22:50:13:

It really angers me that people are really believing that their will ever be "cures" for the things that we are dealing with.

TRUTH IS THE CURES HAVE ALREADY BEEN DISCOVERED FOR MANY DIFFERENT DISEASES...But by informing the public as to the cures...profits are lost..for example cancer, aids, chronic pain (any where in body)etc. These all have KNOWN CURES!!! BUT that means no money for drug companies, doctors, manufactures, research people and companies, insurance companies..No money means no jobs etc..

Think about it, If they told people the cures these companies WOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS...they make their money off of our pain and our suffering and dying!!! Pretty sick ....But VERY TRUE..

Not everyone wants to hear about this but I would never lie to you..This is the truth..

Don't hold your breath that they will discover a "magical cure" because we the public will never know about it because GOD FORBID THAT THEY LOOSE THEIR PRECIOUS MONEY AND ACTUALLY CURE AND HELP PEOPLE INSTEAD OF PROFITING OFF OF ALL OF US!!!

To those who don't like the narc's or other pills that the doctor's prescribe...GUESS WHAT That is another Money making issue..again if they don't sell drugs to people the drug companies go broke.. If they don't keep making new ones guess what they go broke...

I can't believe that people don't get this sick and demented game. And that is just what this is a game only at the peoples expense...that includes you and me..Why do you think that the medical business spends and makes trillions upon trillions of dollars a year..and they are always "just on the brink of a new breakthough"..Guess what the joke is on US!!!

I just had to get that off my chest. I am in no way saying don't get medical care or the medications that you need just trying to get the point across.... Jackie L

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