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Posted by Elaine ( on December 30, 2000 at 00:01:17:

When I first got clusters I was told it was my teeth, migraines, even a pain in my face.
I was given every painkiller known to mankind I think. When I first got clusters 20 years ago. I was told it was from my teeth, migraines, and at one point told it was a pain in my face. It was years before anyone told me it was clusters edge off a little but not much. I popped pain med. Everyday as much as four to 10 times a day. I was a walking zombie . The med. made things worst they caused me not to care and I would get so sick from the drugs. Death seemed better. I would have to hold on to walls to go to the bathroom.
I was a basket case, when I wasn't having a cluster I was so doped up nothing mattered. I OD twice. I had my pills beside me and my husband would leave a cooler by the bed my med. and a something for me to eat by the bed with my pills cause he knew bed would be were I would stay. I would wake up in pain gab my pills take one wait rock shake ect.. If the pain did not go away I would take another one. Minutes seemed like hours. I popped so many pills my head became numb and I went to sleep would have been forever had not my friend dropped by to check on me. That happen two times. It did not take me long to figure I had to get off the painkillers. They was not stopping the pain just making me sick. I was mean I yelled at everyone and was never happy. I couldn't work and my kids were living at my moms.
I got of the drugs only used over the counter med., and as you all know that did nothing to relieve the pain. I found it better to lose two or three hours sleep a day than my life.
After years I was finally told I had clusters I was so happy to have a name for it. Then I was told there was no cure and very little treatment. I was given o2 and that helped for a short wile it lessens the pain.
Then I found this site and with lots of help and talking with several clusterheads I was able with my doctors help to find verapmil, and imitrex and after a year of upping and downing the dose. I have finally after 21 years been pain free for months.
I have been reading all the post on the drug issue and because I have taken painkillers and was effected by them I thought I would share this.
I don't personally care what waterdog takes, if they work for him all fine and good. They did not work for me. Please anyone reading any post waterdogs, mine ,anyone’s before you try them please please talk to your doctor long and hard about your med. Also have a family member monitor you. You may not notice changes in your personality ect...If your meds cause you to be sick or act really strange, don't think its the cluster causing it as I did, tell your doctor and try something new. I know my Nero is against Pain meds for clusters. I don't want to mask the pain I want the pain gone myself , and that is all the painkillers do is mask the pain at least that what they did for me.

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