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Posted by Flash ( on January 10, 2001 at 06:26:57:

In Reply to: ummm... posted by pinksharkmark on January 09, 2001 at 23:21:48:

I did used to take them out of cycle, initially this was for recreational purposes, and at first I had no idea why I failed to eneter my cycle. Later I made the connection - like what did I do different last year... So when I figured that out I didn't bother to wait for my cycle. The longest remission I got was 11 months. After a while I staterd to wonder if it was the shrooms (since I had no direct connection), so I stopped and paid dearly for doing so, reason being I didn't bother to collect any shrooms that year, DUH! I must stress that stupidly I had become confident that I was actually cured, or that my whole experience of CH had terminated. From then on i waited until the onset of a cycle before consuming the shrooms, just so that I could keep track of things.

Inadvertantly or otherwise I have been using this treatment since 1993, I've only had one failure, and that was probably due to reducing the dose down to an extremely small level. The standard recreational dose for LSD is 60mcg (that's micrograms), the standard recreational dose of psilocybin is 30mg (milligrams), it looks like between 1/4 and 1/2 of the recreational dose will pretty much do the trick for any one. In other words as little as 15mcg LSD, and 8mg psilocybin. Bear in mind that a typical dose of paracemtomal is 1gram, 750000x more compound than is required in the case of LSD, and 150x more compound than is required with psilocybin. Please bear in mind that to get that weight of psilocybin, you may have to brew up tea with 2 grams of actual mushrooms. The time I took to little, I used 4mg of psilocybin (no very much, on 1/8 of the recreational dose).

I have also tried using an even lower dose of psilocybin during my last cycle. I had hoped that this would 'top up' on the time I didn't take enough, but no such luck. It did however function as an abortive. I didn't get any headaches for over 24 hours!

Many people have had problems when existing medication stops working. The extremely low and infrequent doses of psilocybin mean that it is hard to envisage a point where the drug stops functioning - even if you take lots of it. But... and this is what really concerns me, given the mechanism that we believe the substance may function by, it is possible that excess use could actually bring on, or worsen CH attacks. Let me give you a very rough analogue:

Lets say you have a beaker of concentrated acid. It's PH is 1. If you stuck your finger in it, then you'd have a problem! Now if you add enough alkali you can bring it's PH up to a comfortable 6 or 7. Add to much alkali and it will burn your finger again (it's gone too much the other way)!

Of course you can make the almost same analogue but substitute water for alkali, and the problem of going the other way doesn't occur.

I don't think too much psilocybin would induce CH in a normal person (but who knows), since their brain is capable of ahcieving it's own chemical balance without any help. All of this is pure speculation.

The point is that we know what does work - safely - so what is there togain from crossing the line?


PS May want to hang onto that post for the website!

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