How to send/receive shrooms through the postal service.

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Posted by Flash ( on January 10, 2001 at 07:53:55:

First off, despite the subject line, I am NOT enciting people to do this. I take the view that because I know some of you are already taking this risk, and will likely continue to do so despite me feelings, it is better that you be informed how to do so safely.

The way I see it, anyone wanting to use shrooms should be legally obtaining the equipment and spores to produce their own supply. If you want to use the shroom treatment but can't be bothered doing this then you obviously don't have CH. It's obviously not that fuckin sore if you've put up with it for 10 years, but another 10 weeks makes a cure not worth waiting for!

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I have edited it ever so slightly.

How to mail stuff:

1. Use first class mail. Drug couriers concentrate on priority and overnight packages. First class mail is an enormous mass quantity, needle in a haystack is an understatement. 90% of LSD is distributed out of Northern California this way, marijuana seeds are distributed this way. Small packages, use standard shipping containers, like what you can buy at Mailboxes or USPS.

2. Use a phony addresee and and "or current addressee" to the shipping label. Best if you can get a former occupants name that the forwarding order has expired. In the unlikely event that a package was intercepted, it becomes that much more difficult to prosecute.

3. Have a printed label, and use a legit address from a legit company. The postal inspector concentrates on hand addressed mail from individual to individual in looking for illicit mail. You all have computers, use a printer to print a label to a page, cut it out and use a glue stick to create an instant label.

4. On the receiving side, a first class package that a postal employee rings the bell for is VERY suspect. First class mail should get left in the box or on the porch and if it isn't, don't accept it. If the post office believes a package has contraband, they will arrange a "controlled delivery" which will involve delivering a package and making sure you recieve it, then rushing in to make the bust. This takes extra time, and will usually make a separate delivery. You can also make sure by leaving a package unopened for 24 hours. The postal inspector won't wait more than this for fear that evidence will go up in smoke before the bust. So if nobody knocks within 24 hours, you can rest assured that the package is safely delivered.

This is all theoretical, but the Unabomer was able to send packages for YEARS without detection and he had a lot of FBI personnel looking for him. A handful of us quietly mailing shrooms to people with CH taking the most basic precautions will have nothing to fear.

BTW: I got my information from the drug queen of the Michigan State Police, a Toxicology Conference at a major medical center, and personal knowledge about USPS policy and procedure from my father, a postal employee. Sorry I can't provide specific references here.

OK that's what was posted at Drool Donkey. I would reinforce the adressing the package part. The eact label would read exactly so:

"John Smith or current addressee"

Do NOT substitute your real name for current addressee, just leave it as "current addressee".

On the subject of law enforcement, it must be pointed out that if a policeman did come to your door, you don't have to convince him your are teeling the truth, you just have to lie to him. It doesn't matter whether he believes you or not. If you say "I didn't know who the package was from, so I didn't open it - in fact I thought abot taking it to you guys, what with all that Unabomber stuff, but I though you'd laugh at me", or "I'm sorry I can't accept that package because I'm not expecting anything, and I don't recognise the sender". Easier said than done, but effective none the less.

The other important point is that you remain unaware of who the package is from. Do not arrange it. If you arrange it, then you have a charge of 'conspiracey to...' etc. This means that you need to get word out quietly. The important thing is that you really don't know WHO sent it! I would not post requests on message boards, IRC channels, or send them by email. You can rest assured that the DEA have read this very post. Of course they have! The safest thing is the phone. Don't write a letter for Gods sake :)

I must stress please do not to request shrooms from myself. Since I'm sure that my identity will have been noted, I operate on a 'just in time' basis. In other words I pick them and ingest them, and there aren't any left over. I though it was better to cease preserving them, because I have probably posted rather too much on the subject. In any case it would take 6 weeks for a package to reach anyone outside of the UK, and you could cultivate your own in that time. No - do not request anything from me if your in the UK either. I'm really not interested in breaking the law. Since I am no longer badly affected by CH my life is worth living outside of jail!

Another reason I have decided to post this is that the surest way to get this turned into a legal pill is if a large percentage of sufferers are using it already. This is what happened with cannabis and MS. The government was left with the stark choice of prosecuting most of the MS sufferers and charging them with conspiracy to supply, intent to supply, pocession etc, OR decriminalising cannabis for their particular needs. As soon as they spoke about decriminallisation, the drug companies all though "shit, that means people may choose this over the largely expensive and ineffective products that we have in the market right now". Strangely enough, the was suddenly no barrier to investigating why cannabis was effective against MS. Money talks!

I'm sure that if we reach a similar stage, the drug companies will be forced to slowly, slowly (maximise profits on the existing range, promise that we'll have something soon, drag it out as long as possible) bring something suitable to market. Therefore the way I see it, the more CH sufferers use mushrooms, the faster we get it legally. Be warned, the legal version will be as expensive as Imitrex, probably more so, the reason being that it's a legal alternative, and is therefore less expensive than going to jail...

Finally, anyone wanting to use shrooms should be legally obtaining the equipment and spores to produce their own supply. If you want to use the shroom treatment but can't be bothered doing this then you obviously don't have CH. It's obviously not that fuckin sore if you've put up with it for 10 years, but another 10 weeks makes a cure not worth waiting for!

I'm sorry if the post has offended anybody, but forewarned is forearmed. I actually though about making this one anonymous.


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