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Posted by Ward J. Rhoads ( on January 11, 2001 at 06:51:46:

I am a first time visitor to this Cluster Headches web site. I read the opening page and it brought me to tears. I swear. These accounts reminded me of the times that I suffered through Cluster headaches. They are so accurate of what I went through.I am lucky that I have not suffered through any extended episodes for 8 years.
I was suffering CLUSTER HEADACHES every five years or so. When I suffered these horrible headaches I wanted to die. There seemed to be no relief for them except to wait them out and hope that they would go away as soon as possible.
As an example, I awoke in the middle of the night one time with a cluster headache and I went to the medicine cabinet to get some aspirin to relieve the pain. I took the aspirin and went into the living room and sat in a stuffed chair holding my head in agony. I did not want to keep my wife awake while I would have been tossing and turning in bed.
It just so happens that my Step-Father was awake watching late night movies. He was one of these people that try to tell you what to do for a headache that they have never ever suffered. He would try to tell me that I needed to get a haircut to stop the pain. In the first place my hair was not very long and in the second place, I suffered these headaches when I had short hair while I was in the Air Force. But third of all, when you are suffering one of these headaches, the last thing you want to hear is some lame brain cure for them.
Finally, the headache went away and I was able to go back to bed and sleep. Well, for a while that is.
I woke up six times that night with cluster headaches and each time I had to suffer through my Step-Father telling me how to cure my headaches and telling me the plot of the movies that he was watching.
The scary thing is folks, that each time that I woke up I tried one or two kinds of medicines to stop the pain. Aspirins, sinus pills and whatever else I could find in the medicine cabinet. A sufferer of these terrible headaches will stop at nothing to get rid of them and will totally ignore the lable on the bottle. If somone had told me that some drug such as cocaine could cure these headaches, I would have tried it.
The last time I suffered these headaches, I lost 3 weeks of work. There is no way I could work while experiencing these headaches.
I have had some start in the past few years but I have been lucky enough to stop them with 4 Ibupropen. If they had been my normal episodes of Cluster headache's, I do not think the Ibupropen would have made any difference whatsoever. But believe me, they were the beginning of these headaches because if you are a sufferer, you know when one is coming on. They come on fast like a train. The pain is unbearable. My head would hurt on one side and it would feel like someone was forcing a hot poker through my head and trying like hell to push it through the other side.
I have gone to Emergency rooms swearing that something was going to explode inside my head.
I went to a so called headache clinic. Don't waste your money folks. Doctors have admitted to me that they do not know what causes Cluster Headaches and that they know no cure.
In the past, I have seen Chiropractors and have eventually gotten rid of the headaches for the time being. But was it just a coicidence? Right now I don't know. But I have been lucky for 8 years. :)

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