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Posted by Bennie Sue ( on January 12, 2001 at 15:09:30:

In Reply to: It has been a rough night. posted by Little Liberty on January 12, 2001 at 11:57:46:

This is a tragedy that should not be blamed on you but on the government and on the researchers who have done nothing to get a legal sort of mushroom therapy to help those in dire need of relief from the agony of cluster headache.

Behind this inhumane inaction lie greed for money and a lackof caring about one's fellow man. Anything, I mean anything, can be accomplished if someone wants to do it badly enough. Yet no one but a clusterhead or a supporter can understand just how great the need really is unless those of us who do know decide to act.

It is too bad we no longer have a Jonas Salk who dedicated his life to saving children
from the paralysis and/or death of polio. Or a George Washington Carver whose
every effort in life was to experiment, discover, and teach about things in science and nature that could be used to help his fellow man.
Where is such a man or woman today? -
caught in a world of profits and legalities that are meaningless when other human
beings are suffering. Dr. Carver was born a slave and died as one of the most revered men who ever lived because he cared more about others than about himself.

Could we take Nathan's death as a call to arms? Do as Todd said - let the world know of
Nathan's agony (his name need not be used) and his final relief from it. I grieve for those he left behind and feel great sorrow that Nathan's life was so painful. But I also feel a great relief for Nathan who will never have to battle the beast again.

Suppose we banded together and worked unceasingly as a group (I mean all of us who have read this message and feel incensed that such a thing could happen) to convince some scientists to develop this potentially powerful medication for CH that is not available at present.Once the medication is developed, then is the time
to fight with all our might to get approval from the FDA or whoever controls these matters.

What do you say?

Flash, Pinky, tell us whom to flood with mail. Tell us what else we can do to help people like Nathan before it is too late!

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