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Posted by Flash ( on January 12, 2001 at 18:42:10:

I'm going to go back and review all the previous shroom posts, and cut out everything that is relevant. I'll paste all this into a single document. Next I'll rehash all the important information. This will then be ready for incorporation into a web page.

Of course there is already a web page at, but I don't believe it goes far enough. Here is a list of what I think is required, cut and posted from 2 previous posts at Drool Donkey:

A website dealing with the subject could be almost static, as new discoveries are few and far between. It might be helpful to display the posts of everyone who has tried
the treatment (there are lots of them, they must number 2 dozen by now).

Another good thing would be to put something in about the science - there are 2 parts to this:

1) The relationship between ergot, ergotmaine, methysergide, LSD and psilocybin. Also the chemical similarities between serotonin and psilocin. Finally there was some
info posted on how psilocybin/psilocin reacts with the brain in comparison to methysergide, ergotamine and triptans.

2) The theories we have as to why psilocybin and LSD are effective against CH. This needs to be split into fact and supposition.

Another important thing to deal with is procuring LSD. Some people prefer using this to shrooms, and in cases where one doesn't work, the other might work. I posted a
lot of info on where to get hold of LSD, and what it shold look like etc.

Obviously we need a section of growing shrooms, preparing them for ingestion etc.

There needs to be a description of the effects of shrooms, and a comparison table of commonly used shrooms showing what the equivalent doses are.

Legal information is also important.

Links to all the CH sites, and also to the shroom sites.

I also posted some interaction I had with pharmaceutical companies on this issue.

What CH is.

The chemistry behind why shrooms (and LSD) work.

The theory of how they work.

How to grow shrooms, and how to make/obtain the equipment to do so.

How to prepare and ingest shrooms.

How to obtain LSD, and what it looks like, how to tell it's in good condition etc (this is important because where shrooms don't work 100% LSD often does.

What to expect, what the effects will be like.

Legal information.

Some pictures of recommended species, and descriptions of how to identify them - spore prints ans the like. Where to find them.

Info on when and how often to dose.

Scientific info on approximate effective doses of LSD and psilocybin, compare with other substances.

Anecdotal evidence (both for and against) from everyone who has tried this treatment.

Links to Drool Donkey, all 3 cluster headaches message boards, EROWID and perhaps the shroomery.

To be honest, if I got my act together and summarised all this in one place then I wouldn't have to keep rehashing it over and over again. I must have already typed it 30 times, so once more isn't going to hurt.

There are some parts that IO'm going to need a lot of help with. All in I can only provide 1/2 to 2/3s of the information required. There are a lot of things about cultivating shrooms, and the correct doses for various species that I don't know about.

Rather than stockpile posts at this site (in my opinion in should be virtually static), I suggest that it links to all the relevant posts on the 3 existing message boards.

One last thing... I only run an IT company - I know fuck all about web pages. I have people that know everything about them, but I'd rather not go explaining that their boss is taking illegal drugs, when I write it into their contracts that they aren't allowed (purely because my clients sometimes want to drug test them). So I need help from someone who has some really basic skills on this subject. Yes I could figure it out for myself, but it probably needs to be up and running ASAP.

I gotta split now.


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