Been asked about shrooms and drug testing again...

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Posted by Flash ( on January 14, 2001 at 18:22:22:

I too was scared about random drug testing. The best place to get the input on this is Goto the
plants part and then mushrooms and you'll find a link on drug testing. It might be worth reviewing the LSD section

The just of it is:

Hallucinogens do not form part of a standard drug test. They are expensive to test for.

There are 2 main types of drug test:


The EMIT is inexpensive at $40 per person and highly inaccurate. It cannot test for hallucinogens. GC/MS is
expensive at $400 per person and highly accurate. It can test for anything. However it must be specifically tuned to
test for hallucinogens. Most companies will perform a GC/MS on everyone that fails the EMIT. It is highly unlikely
that they will look for hallucinogens, usually they are checking for opiates, narcotics, amphetamines, and
cannaboids. There is little point in checking for hallucinogens since they aren't the sort of drug that people take
frequently, and they form less than 1% of the total recreational drug consumption.

Another plus point is that incredibly small quantities of these drugs are used micrograms as opposed to milligrams or
grams, so they only pass between 100th and 10000th of the normal level of metabolates anyway.

The strategy is to pass the EMIT. To do this:

Do not consume anything that may cause a positive/false positive on the EMIT.
Many things can cause a false positive including amoxycilin (an antibiotic that the EMIT mistakes for cocaine).
Carry a litre of water to work in case of random testing.
Drink all the water prior to the test. This dilutes the urine below the threshold that anything can be detected at.
Swallow the maximum safe dose of vitamin B complex tablets along with the water. This dyes the water yellow.

Diluting the urine will completely fool the urine, and also put many metabolates below the threshold of the GC/MS.
The yellow dye is so the tester doesn't realise it's diluted, They seldom bother with a PH test unless the urine is clear
in the first place.

The metabolates from LSD and shrooms will be gone within 4 days of ingestion. Much, much faster if you do a bit
of exercise, since this increases the bodies metabolism by 2000%. It is therefore safe to ingest these substances at
the start of a weeks vacation. This is the fastest metabolic emission of any drug. In contrast every other substance
is consumed in quantities measured in millgrams of even grams. In the case of cannabis they metabolates can show
up 12 weeks after ingestion depending on the circumstances.

All in all the risk is negligible. The only chance of getting caught is if they test you within 48 hours of ingestion AND
you fail the EMIT, and they specifically tune the GC/MS test to check for hallucinogen metabolates AND they tune
it to the correct type of hallucinogen, AND you haven't managed to dilute your sample, AND the GC/MS is
sensitive enough to pick the tiny quantity of metabolates present from the dose a hallucinogen required to treat CH.

The other option is to have yourself drug tested privately and see if they can detect anything. it will cost you $400,
but you'd save that on Imitrex alone.

I hope this helps.


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