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Posted by Leigh ( on January 15, 2001 at 00:05:02:

I understand only my doc can diagnose my headpain. Not headache....it's been pain.
I sit here and can type now if only briefly. Off and on all day long I've had attacks of some sort. Excrutiatingly painful. It started as a weird feeling around my right eye. I thought it was no big deal and used some eye drops for dry eye as I do suffer from that.
Within what felt like minuetes yet also felt like lasted an eternity my right eye began to throb and then pulsating pain. In and around the eye. It was red and just watered profusely.
My nose has been very,very congested. It still is but was much worse during the attack. The pain seemed to radiate downwards through my eye and nose to across my cheek and end up in my right upper teeth.
I haven't been sick with sinus problems or allergies although I do suffer from both.
I couldn't sit still. I simply paced and paced and paced. I rinsed my mouth with warm saltwater. I continued to pour eye drops in my eye. I did all I knew to do and also sipped on some ice water.
I was nauseated but pain always,always nauseates me.
After awhile the pain would seem to loosen it's grip and then slam me again.
I am now drained. And still have an uncomfortable feeling around my eye and it's very sore. This occured over several times today.
Aside from being drained now and the soreness my mouth throbs as if I have a canker sore or something. Perhaps that's crazy sounding but true. I looked and didn't see anything.
It just completely took me off guard and scared me to death.
I am 29 yrs old,I don't drink but do smoke. I am in relatively good health.
Is it possible that I did indeed suffer a CH?? I am now able to walk about my home and not be pacing but I'm moving in slow motion that's for sure.
If tonight is anything like today has been another attack could hit anytime now.
I do have headaches but tension ones and this has been no tension headache!
In September I saw my neurologist who treats my tension HA's for a complete work up because my dad recently passed away from brain cancer and brain aneursym. She wanted to rule those things out so I had the million dollar work up with MRI and MRA and everything was normal.
I take meds on a preventative basis for the tension HA's.
I definately plan on calling in the am first thing and begging for an appointment!
I never,never knew something could be so painful.
Like I said, I am now simply sore...wait I take that back my eye is watering again....could be starting again.
Please point me in the right direction and appropriate steps I can take. Thank You all so much for any feedback and suggestions you can spare. I'd really appreciate it.

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