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Posted by Flash ( on January 17, 2001 at 05:12:02:

In Reply to: Disgusted with this bashing - support group???? posted by BB on January 17, 2001 at 02:17:06:

Hi BB,

I appreciate that your intentions are noble. People did let Derek rub them up the wrong way without really realising what was taking place. I have gone into this already - see my post below Derek's for clarification.

I agree with you that this site is fantastic. It's a Godsend for Ch sufferers. It's easy for those of us who attend regularily to lose sight of that.

Now there are a couple of issues in your post that I'd like to straighten out. First off I am the shroom guy. Heh heh. The people that replied to Derek - with the exception of pinksharmark, are not in fact major advocates of shrooms. Some of them are interested, but that's about it. Only myself and pinky should be accused of posting too much shroom related stuff. I realise that this is a problem, and it does concern me. To this end we are working on a web site that details the shroom treatment. Once it's finished there will be much less requirement for us to post here.

On your second point regarding how you used to sell shrooms. This is something that really does annoy me. Please allow me to explain why:

Most CH sufferers have little or no experience of recreational drugs. They are easily taken in by anyone who intentionally or otherwise posts misleading information. The drug strychnine is a poison not a painkiller. It's effective dose is measure in milligrams. it actually takes close to a gram of strychnine to begin to harm anyone. LSDs effective dose is measured in micrograms. This is a very very small quantity. It's the weight of the LSD residue left on the surface of a 5mm x 5mmm piece of cardboard that has been dipped in LSD solution. It is not possible to pack enough strychnine onto the surface of such a card to harm a tiny rodent. In fact it isn't possible to impart any strychnine onto the surface of card without leaving a visible residue. LSD is invisible. They is absolutely no chemical similarity between LSD and strychnine. LSD in NOT doctored strychnine. Strychnine dose not have a similar effect to LSD. LSD is classified as a non-toxic substance whereas strychnine is a poison.

And there is more I'd like to take issue with. I am extremely familair with the concept of drug dealing. You claim that you use to sell mushrooms. I find this intriguing. If you had claimed to deal in LSD - fair enough. Selling mushrooms though has a few problems:

1) Bulk. It takes a considerable mass of mushrooms to provide a hit. Even dried an powdered we are talking 3 grams. It is not easy to conceal sufficent quantities on shrooms to earn a living selling them.
2) Availability. They don't exactly len themselves to mass production. It isn't possible to pick enough wild ones to deal with.
3) There are easier ways to make money dealing drugs, that's why dealers never stock mushrooms.
4) There isn't really a market for them anyway.

So I guess I'm accusing you of misleading people on this count.

On the issue of your own experience. I have trouble making sense of what you have written. First you say that only once did LSD have an effect on the pain. Next you say the headaches started 10 years later... Hmmm, interesting piece of duplicity.

For the record, I do believe that in people with CH - in other words the genetic deformity of the Hypothalmus believed to cause CH - over use of LSD and shrooms may make the condition worse. I believe this is possible because these substances may actually tilt the balance towards worse headaches by exactly the same mechanims that they help clear them up. There is some anecdotal evidence to back this up.


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