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Posted by Elaine ( on January 17, 2001 at 15:56:40:

In Reply to: Hey DJ... got that IP blocker figured out yet? -nt posted by Frank on January 17, 2001 at 14:25:30:

To start with easier say than done.
DJ made this board a open form. There are not
many of them left on the internet anymore.
Most boards and chats are password protected.
Is that what we want here? I don't think so.

I spend every night in the chat room on my site.
There are people who come in there and play their games,
they pretend they have a cluster, and are at the end
of the roap. People will stay up till 2 or 3 helping them.
Who did it hurt? The people that stayed up helping, lost some sleep.
Who knows? We might not of helped a clusterhead, but we showed
some attition to someone who maybe never got any in their life.
What kind of people do these thing? I am not sure.
Might be a school kid who is befriended at school. A child
a mother and father did not have time to listen to.
It might be a grandmother who has long been forgotten.
It could be a lonly old man who lost his wife,
and looking for something. It could be some mean bastard,
that gets his kicks that way. I don't know!
The only thing I do know is, if I can help one I am happy.
Fighting and disblieveing in people make me sad so sad.
I am just like everyone else here, there are nights the
game playing gets to me. I just want to throw my hands
up and say to hell with it all. The next day comes as always.
Then I say ok Elaine he did not have clusters but maybe you
made him/her feel important and they went to bed happy.
Ok I played their game and they feel they got one over on me.
Cool again they went to bed happy. I slept real good too. You know
why because there were many nights that we did help a real clusterhead
from pulling a trigger. If we can help one I don't mind wading through
the rest. It took me a long time to feel this way. I have to give credit
where credit is due, Todd made me see this. I was ready at one time to close chat
and HSG or password protect it. Todd made me see it does help some.
Just like this board helps some. It would be sad to know that someone did not
make it to the board or the chat room for help in time. That they pulled the
trigger waiting for a pass word.

I don't know the answer to the internet, but I have learned
not to take everything so damn serious. I joke off bad post
I don't even waste my time posting to them any more. I email
to people I feel I can help. I leave the ones alone I can't help.
I don't even answer hate mail any more.

Do people get mad at each other here, oh hell yea we do, 99% of the time
we cyber kiss and make up. Do we cry here more tears than anyone can count.
Yes we do even the biggest man and toughest woman crys here.
Are there people who tell lies here, hell yea we do I lied
People ask me all the time "Is Drummer a idiot? I say No ;-)!
Do we laugh here, we sure do! You have not lived till you take a shower in
the chat room with Jonny, Todd, Jim, me and a few others
The soap gets droped a lot.

People lighten up enjoy life, forget the bad help the good. Less not
make this a closed form. I remember when DJ closed the site down
How happy we all were to see it back up again. Blocking ISP won't
work either they just get a new one.

I am sorry had to put my penny in :-)!!!

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