Donald's 1st try at the shrooms----

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Posted by Cheryl ( on January 22, 2001 at 13:06:19:

Okay, The good, the bad and the ugly well I will give it all to you.

We decided to give it a go and obtained a dose of the shrooms from a source. I read on the messageboard from a very responsible source give him a detoxing period from the regular coarse of medications. And we were trying. I believe he gave up most except his methadone and Loracet plus. Well we originally were going to give it until Saturday night just because we did not know the effects or whatever just a longer at home time is what I was looking for. But, things change!! Friday, he had a doozie that day and when I walked in the door all I could see were the imitrex shots on the counter. I went searching to see where my poor husband was huddled in pain. I immediately go on the internet and contacted a source to see about dosing after using imitrex. Donald was put out to say the least with my immediate response to get on the computer. But, I felt it was necessary. Well, the beast went away before I could get a response. So we planned to eat dinner and dose alittle after that so that I could get Caleb taken care of and all settled. Well, that damn beast hears all, sees all and knows all because he came back with a vengeance. As Donald was running with a shot I was running with the shrooms to chop and get them ready. Caleb was hot on my trail. I was having a hard time he was as excitable as we were. I took them out of the freezer and chopped and mixed with honey with a 7-Up chaser. As I was running to give Dad his medicine
Caleb was certainly right under me wanting to give Dad his medication. Donald had NOT yet giving himself the shot I was so thankful so I told him to try these instead and see if he needed the shot. Well, he sat down for awhile and then decided he had, had enough and was going to bed. I was curious georgette on the whole process. He got up a couple of times with a headache but I can't tell you the Kip scale on them did not seem to be very intense came right back to bed. The next day had some headaches throughout the day but Sunday was the worst nonrellenting. I called the Doctors office and the Doc on call seemed to have that I don't have to deal with attitude. She said up the dose on his neurontin and knock him out. Well by this time I had done everything wrong, things were falling off the wall from doors being slammed and Caleb was looking at me saying daddy mad!!! As I sat crying waiting on my que from Donald and when I didn't read his mind it was all over I sat crying with my 3 year old rubbing my cheek saying mommie don't cry... you okay and smiling as if I smiled it would make it all go away. My heart aches for my husband and child that have to live like this. I REFUSE to give up what is the Alternative "Death"? That is not acceptable in my book Today the third day after shrooms I made sure 2nd dose on the way and Donald woke up to another bout with the demon.. He sits in the spare room as if hiding from it all. Hoping for an end. By the time I got to work I had two messages from Donald. The first full of tears,despiration and sorrow with life wanting an end. The second full of tears, guilt and sorrow. I have done nothing but on the internet today searching, already called Dr Walker to check out things. As I promise my husband I will NEVER quite looking, trying and hoping.

Will let you all know Donald's progress and treatment as regarding the shrooms.

Thanks & Love to you all

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