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Posted by Luke ( on January 31, 2001 at 20:18:00:

In Reply to: Oh Luke posted by Ueli on January 31, 2001 at 19:56:50:

Yes, I said those things. I've violated my own code of conduct there, I won't deny it. To attempt to explain(not justify) it however, it was because I saw what I believed to be another young man getting picked on for being young, a doctor's son, and in any way opinionated. And even if I had been wrong in that, as it appears due to everyone else's opinion of Daniel, I still believe in a few things about countering his arguments. I still don't think calling him "little boy", or telling him he's got a piece of apartheid in him, or telling him "daddy" hates him, is the right way to go about it. It'll just cause resentment and anger.
As for me being a dirt slinger...that's not true. I have a quick temper at times when i feel I, or someone else, is being wronged. And dirt slinging is a very relative thing. You see...whereas you would say that saying "prick" is dirt-slinging, most would say "junior" or "little boy" is not. And yet...junior or little boy is MUCH more offensive to me than say "prick" or "asshole". So the person on the receiving end should determine what is dirt-slinging and what's not.
And you prove my dirt-slinging theory perfectly, by ending your message with a string of insults. Well let me respond, as you well expected me to. No one considers me conceited. All of my friends and girlfriends' parents think I have great manners. And the self-righteous part...ha! Let me translate to what you mean. "How dare the young have such strong opinions on topics?"
Well sorry pops. (That's the older equivelant of your junior...isn't it?)I am opinionated, and will not be muzzled by anyone. And if I see you guys forming a wolfpack and picking on someone else because you don't like what they have to say...I will jump to their defense yet again.
Nevertheless...I will say this. I am very tired of this board and SOME of its participants. For there are a few good people here too. I didn't expected such a schoolyard mentality. You pick on every "new kid" that comes around your block. Unless of course they follow the proper code of conduct, and keep quiet for at least a year, to gain the status and right to speak. Sad...and definitely counter-productive.


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