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Posted by Bennie Sue ( on February 02, 2001 at 17:01:49:

There has been some discussion about the possible relationship between our right- or left-handedness and the side where most of our CH attacks occur. I believe the consensus is that there is no connection.

We have not, however, considered whether there might be a connection between our CH attacks and the side of the brain we use most in thinking. There is an interesting book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain which proposes that we can all draw pictures well (even if we think we are not artistic at all.) A picture of Abraham Lincoln's statue is shown. The author maintains that many would not be able to draw a copy of this too well as it is printed - the reason being our preconceived notions about what we see.

Then the author challenges the reader to turn the picture upside down and try to draw it. The results are rather amazing. You can try this experiment with any picture just for fun.

Now our own Dania Otero proposes we take a short test to determine which side of our brain we naturally use. She translated this from Spanish and did an excellent job of it. If you like, read the questions, mark down your answers, and then she will give us the key.

Could there be a connection between our preference for one side of the brain and our CH attacks? Naturally, there will be instances that argue for or against this theory; but I think it will be an interesting topic for discussion.
We sometimes remark that a lot of people with CH seem to be creative and talented. Some of us do not think of ourselves that way - but as the book
maintains, we may all be more creative than we thought we were.

Here's the test:

In each sentence, you must choose only one answer, a or b. You must consider your preference for one of them.

1. When you see a flower, you firstly see:
a) The parts of it (petals, pistils, stem, etc)
b) The complete flower

2. Do you often think in:
a) Images
b) Texts (words, facts)

3. It's more easy to you to associate the ideas, concepts, etc. by:
a) Logical thoughts
b) Analogies

4. Do you more frequently prefer
a) The analysis
b) The synthesis

5. While you are talking with others, do you preferably attend to:
a) Verbal language (words)
b) Non verbal language (gestures, expressions, corporal movement)

6. Do you more easily remember:
a) Names
b) Faces

7. How are your dreams? (When you are sleeping)
a) Black and white
b) Colors

8. Do you remember more:
a) Texts that you see written
b) Texts that you can associate

9. When you are studying something do you prefer:
a) To learn concepts?
b) To find examples?

10. Are you basically:
a) Someone realist
b) Someone imaginative

11. Do you consider yourself
a) More reflective than emotional
b) More emotional than reflective

12. When you do a new job, do you prefer:
a) Established methods
b) To design your own methods

13. Do you remember easiest:
a) Numbers
b) Letters

14. Are you more identified with:
a) Time
b) Space

15. Do you prefer to analyze things, jobs, tasks, etc:
a) Sequentially (by stages)
b) Holisticly (in their entirety)

Now you must add the total number of
a-answers and b-answers.

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