Stuttering Your Bride Away..Humor?

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Posted by TerryS ( on February 06, 2001 at 22:47:42:

Stuttering Your Bride Away
These two guys meet after not having seen each other for many many years.
First guy asks the second guy, "How have things been going? "
The second guy speaking very s..l..o..w..l..y.. tells the first guy, "I    
w..a..s..   a..l..m..o..s..t    m..a..r..r.. i..e..d."
The first guy says in amazement, "Hey, you don't stutter anymore."
The answer comes, " Y..e..s,   I    w..e..n..t    t..o    a..
d..o..c..t..o..r..  a..n..d    h..e    t..o..l..d   m..e   t..h..a..t   i..f  
  I    s..p..e..a..k..    s..l..o..w..l..y, I   w..i..l..l   n..o..t   
The first friend congratulates him and than asks again about how he was
almost married.
"W..e..l..l    m..y    f..i..a..n..c..e..e    a..n..d   I  w..e..r..e   
s..i...t..t..i..n..g..   o..n    h..e..r     p..o...r..c..h   a..n..d   
t..h..e   d..o..g   w..a..s   s..c..r..a..t..c..h..i..n..g    h..i..s    
b..a..c..k   a..n..d  I   t..o..l..d   h..e..r   t..h..a..t   w..h..e..n   
w..e  a..r..e    m..a..r..r..i..e..d   s..h..e   c..a..n    d..o  t..h..a..t  
  f..o..r m..e    a..n..d   s..h..e   t..h..r..e..w  t..h..e     r..i..n..g   
 i..n    m..y   f..a..c..e.."
"Why should she throw the ring in your face for that?" asks the first friend.
" W..e..l..l     I     s..p..e..a..k    s..o   s..l..o..w..l..y,    
t..h..a..t     b..y     t..h..e   t..i..m..e     s..h..e   l..o..o..k..e..d..
  a..t    t..h..e   d..o..g,   h..e   w..a..s   l..i..c..k..i..n..g   h..i..s

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