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Posted by ChuckC ( on February 08, 2001 at 09:43:40:

The other day, Riccardo expressed a concern that he might be worried when coming to Atlanta. We do have our own way of speaking down here, but it ain’t that hard to unnerstan’. I’ve compiled a few local colloquialisms and their translations to hep you fokes unnerstan’ how we tawk.

1. Hit – pronoun in the third person, singular – He, She, “Hit” – Hit don’t mean nothin’.
2. Fixin’ to – an expression of intent – “I’m fixin’ to whup yore ass”
3. Ammo’ – I’m going to – “Ammo’ kick yore momma in the butt.”
4. Dawg – a four legged creature, or any football player from Missippi State, or the University of Georgia
5. Missippi – A southern state, known elsewhere as Mississippi
6. ‘Bama – Another southern state, known elsewhere as Alabama
7. Flarduh – A southern State, known elsewhere as Florida, where most of the Yankees have moved to.
8. Boggin’ – (or Mud Boggin’) – a sporting event where four wheel drive vehicles ride through a deep mud
pit to see who can get through the fastest, or even through it at all.
8. Gawf – a sissy sport where city folk chase a little white ball through a pasture with a little hockey stick
8. Mash – to press. “mash that button on the left”
8. Cut On – to activate, usually in electrical circuits “Would you cut on that light?”
8. Cut Off – to de-activate “You can cut off that light, now”
8. Cut it Out – to cease and desist – “Aw, cut it out, would ya?”
8. Down Under – anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line, and east of the West Texas border
8. Tooploe – a town in Missippi, right below Memphis TN (Tupelo)
8. Par – ability to do work – There’s some kinda’ par in that motor In mah truck.
8. Mah – belonging to me – That’s mah momma
8. Shore – certainly - She shore is purty.
8. Hep – to assist – Y’all need any hep wid’ dat?
8. Tawk – to verbalize
8. Fokes – people – You fokes sure do tawk funny.
8. I know das’ rat – (I know that’s right) I agree with you wholeheartedly!
8. Cocola - a carbonated cola drink manufactured by the Coca Cola company, whose corporate headquarters happens to be in Atlanta.
8. Sprat - another carbonated drink manufactured by the coca cola company
8. Arnj - an orange
8. Haid - home of our demons, where are cranium happens to be.

(I only posted 8 because thats how high I can count ;>)

Also, to emphasize your point, use odd analogies…”My haid hurts wurser ‘n’ a possum in a porcupine den” or “Yore daughter’s purtier ‘n’ a brand new shotgun.”

I’m here to hep you fokes. If you need any assistance understanding the local vernacular, my services as a translator will be available.

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