Oh Todd....

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Posted by Irene ( on February 26, 2001 at 02:12:32:

In Reply to: Thanks for the explanation posted by Todd on February 25, 2001 at 22:34:01:

I know you like to play detective and track people's #s and would know who I was (and my email for that matter as it is posted with every other post)even before you were told, via email, who I am.

I do consider calling my parents stupid and calling what I post spam a personal attack. Please do not try to play the noble, innocent one now.

You fail to see how posting a message intended for a clusterhead who comes here because I was unable to reach him via email...is reaching out to a fellow clusterhead? I will refrain from another personal insult at this point and just say "DUH!!!"

What really bothers me about this whole thing is that I have to explain what I post to my friend. It did not say.."Hey Todd, read this post." It was expressly directed to someone else, as was clearly noted in the subject of the post. I see time and time again people being judged, questioned, mocked for what they contribute to this board. You are perpetuating that kind of behavior right now. If someone doesn't post a fucking email address - SO WHAT!!!!!!!! You have no idea what their circumstances or reasons are. Maybe they like privacy. Maybe they are posting from a computer in a mall somewhere and don't have access to email. Does that matter? They are posting, sharing, doing exactly what this board is for. If you feel the need to control something or display your power by, I don't know, kicking people out of chatrooms when they disagree with you, maybe you should try dealing with these issues on another level. Counseling? Role playing? I am not trying to be sarcastic here. I honestly think you need help. My post did no harm, it did not offend people. Lighten up. You speak of spam, you know what I consider spam...your replies, jabs, anal retentive lyrics, as well as my replies to you. This is absolutely ridiculous. It's a waste of my time and your time, not to mention wasting the time of the people reading this. Is this what you want to spend your energy doing? I do not. I am just purely disgusted by this whole thing, and by you.

I have no interest in taking up board space to continue this childish argument. If you feel the need to continue, email me. You know the address, and if not, you can ask Elaine. She has it.

Oh and one last thing - I did not say that YOU were filling the board with birthday messages. And why would you? You can say happy birthday in person when the woman is sitting in the same room as you.

~Irene (aka Georgia, aka wiggle worm, aka peach, aka scarlet, aka really fucking pissed off woman who is sick of people being attacked on here)

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