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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on March 01, 2001 at 19:52:32:

In Reply to: My heart will burst if I do not share this with someone posted by Carl D on March 01, 2001 at 10:07:13:

A quarter century ago, I was forced to accept a cross country bus ticket by my big brother who feared for my safety as I set out to hitchhike once again from Kentucky to Colorado. He made me promise I wouldn’t get off at the next stop, sell the ticket and continue in my preferred way of breezin across the country. He knew me well. I grudgenly complied.

1200 miles on a bus! I was bummed.

At the leading edge of Kansas I found myself sittin next to a lady who had obviously been cryin. Sorry, but in my opinion , if you seen one minute of flat, flatter than flat, Kansas you have seen all there is to see that the next 12 hours have to offer.

My seatmate shared that she was runnin from a very bad marriage and was Reno bound for a divorce. All the light and joy had left her. Felt like suicide to her.

I turned on all my “On the Road” wisdom. From Baba Ram Das’s “Be here now” to Neil Cassidy and Kerouac. From the CRISTian “Be still and know that I am God” to Black Elk and my Sundance experience with the Lakota Sioux. From Huxley’s Doors of Perception to Stevie Wonder’s “God knew exactly where He wanted you to be placed”. How I was released from jail long before the doors actually opened. How, when hitchikin, I don’t count the cars that pass me...cause I only need ONE and it always comes.
For hours this crazy hippie was philosophisn, theologisn, sharin the glory, of what I’d been given. TRANSCENDENCE

All of a sudden she had her nose pressed to the window, lookin at that FLAT boring Kansas landscape sayin “Look how beautiful it is here! It’s really amazing!”

“HUH?” I said

She started describing all the nuances of the landscape. She pointed out all the stories of all the lives lived in those remote farm houses. She was alive and her sight had returned. She was in wonder. She had transcended.

She drew me out of my Kansas induced boredom. She helped me enjoy the moment and

We parted in Denver as friends, soakin up every moment, aware and both joyfully lookin forward to the next breath.

Thanks Carl...Yer post reminded me of that trip. Even made my dreary apartment a little brighter.

Good Grief

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