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Posted by Carl D ( on March 07, 2001 at 08:45:24:

In Reply to: Medicine that I haven't heard anyone here talk about posted by Allie on March 06, 2001 at 19:17:53:

Been there, done that. Got the T-Shirt. Book audio tape coming out next month...

Actually, when I tried Stadol NS, I was very desperate. I knew that I had a 10+ coming on (as I wasn't getting anything less than 9's for a looong time). Now I have done dope before, but that stuff knocked me for a loop. I sat hunched over, drooling I was so wasted. The pain? Shot right through. Didn't phase the CH demon.
I did do pain management with Hydrocodone for about 6 months. Helped to take some of the edge off, and completely wiped out shadows. It still did not eliminate the pain. It did, however, wind up causing more health problems like a wonderful massive kidney infection. Painkillers are a last resort, and for myself, an act of desperation.
I still have no meds to abort or prevent CH's, thus I just ride them out. I am still searching for something that really works. I am also sure that if I remain chronic, I will wind up on painkillers again. I do not recommmend them, and wish to God Imitrex would do something for me like it does everyone else. Do what you have to do to cope with CH; but try all other avenues before going the pain management route. Painkillers will also mask any other health problems you may attain in the future, and without the knowledge of something else in the body being wrong, you will not treat it. There is a reason we have the ability to feel pain. It is alerting us to the fact something else is wrong. If those warnings are ignored, it can mean life or death. If you are on painkillers - you never get that warning until it is too late to do anything about it.

Carl D

P.S. - I did try Oxycontin not too long ago. A friend of a friend of a friend gave me a couple of these little yellow tabs (cuz he knows his bro is in major pain sumtimez), and I was like "um, okay." One day I started feeling the buildup like "Oh no. Here it comes... Scotty, bean me the fuck out of my body!!! Quick!!!" I took one of those little yellow tabs, let it melt under my tongue, and within a half hour, was seriously zonkin out of it, and the pain was quite diminished. After the brutal attack, I passed out and slept for 14 hours. That was incredible. However, I am sure that if I used it everyday for CH pain, after a time it would become uneffective, I would start taking more of it - and wind up with even more problems than just having CH.

Wait, did I just say "Just having CH" kind of like "I am just chewing gum"?

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