Weeeeeee!!! What kind of mess can I get myself into next?

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Posted by Carl D ( on March 14, 2001 at 09:05:57:

Well, I am sucking it up, biting my lip, and about to dive into the unknown headfirst...
I agreed to do a gig this coming Friday at a coffeehouse in Belleville, IL. My guitarist and I are going to do an acoustic set. We are supposed to play at least 45 minutes to warm up the main act. I was approached by a friend who asked me if I would be interested in picking up a gig or two now and then. Since it has been quite awhile since I have played out, I immediately opened mouth, inserted foot and said "HELL YEAH!" Now I just fear that maybe the beast will decide to make a guest appearance midway through. If that happens, I don't know what I will do.

I am not sleeping again. I am worn out. I am getting hit with bad, not so nice attacks again. My brain is half scrambled again. However, I have promised myself at this point - I will NOT stop working on the book until it is finished. I am bent on getting this done. I want it to be done by my birthday. That is a hard goal, since I lost over a week of productivity with the last Sleep Dep. episode; and at that point in time I was projecting for the end of April, as opposed to my new goal - the 20th. I am also frustrated, as I have two different artists who are dragging thier rears on the cover. I told them I need to have the artwork before the book is completed, but so far - nuthin'. Neither one knows the other is doing a cover (OOPS! I guess they do now). I am having two different designs made up. One is kind of graphic, and will cater to a more hardcore crowd (especially younger audiences), the other is a bit more subdued - acceptable by your Barnes & Noble type of book buyer.
Also, you might be interested to know that upon completion of "Snapped", I will make the fourth excerpt available on HeadacheSupportGroups.Com. I plan on having the C. Franklin Daniels website up and running early to mid May. It will also contain the same excerpts, along with a couple of extra snippets unavailable elsewhere. I am going to have to pull a few extra teeth - but I hope to be able to have printed copies available for the convention 2001. I will be there, just trying to figure out how that is going to be accomplished at this point. I told Elaine I will hitchhike there if I have to, as I am not missing this one. If Ueli can come from another land, and Riccardo is making the trek again as well, I will feel like a total shmoe if I do not make it.

I just came back from a nice attack walk. Just bit my lip, wore my hat and mega dark sunglasses, and walked briskly sucking in cold air. To be honest, it didn't help. It kind of subdued it for a bit, but as soon as I walked back into the apartment building and the heat hit me, WHAM! back up to level 10. What a life!
Last night I got hit with an attack and tried the hot sauce again. While it sat under my tongue, I put a frozen burrito on the back of my head and my feet in a pan of hot water. Once again, nothing. Contemplating trying to snort some hot sauce or cayenne pepper during my next attack and see what happens. Yes, it is a crazy idea - but then again, smearing a towel with mentholatum, freezing it, and then wrapping my head with it during an attack wasn't exactly genius either. Just looking for something that will work before my leg falls off from punching it.

Carl D

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