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Posted by Miguel ( on March 16, 2001 at 09:01:14:

In Reply to: A question for Flash and Pinky and BobP... posted by Paco on March 15, 2001 at 18:53:04:

Hi Paco. Its been a while since I posted here.
I stop by just about every day and do a little
browsing for significant posts, sorry I missed this one.

Paco, there is no scientific answer to your question.
Do they work? Well, do they stop the pain? For many
the answer is yes, at least they claim.
There are psychological aspects to this syndrome
that may also influence the outcome of just about
any therapy. Disposition seems to be a very important

I came accross an article a few weeks back that
noted CH as a nerve derived problem, rather than
a vascular one. The vasculature responses are
exactly that, responses to external influence, namely
a neural inbalance. What does this have to do with
shrooms? It depends on your perspective on
the absorption of the Psi molecule, or LSD molecule
across the blood-brain barrier, with the subsequent effects
at the neural level, along with all its implications.

In addressing Flash's coment about pharmaceutical
companies not producing Psi at the industrial level
to combat CH, I have to disagree in the rationale.
I think it is a mixture of several factors:

1) There are no conclusive scientific nor clinical studies
to substantiate the claims some make.

2) By being controlled subtances under the DEA's
black list, there is aura of negative public perception
and public relations that the pharmaceuticals love to avoid.

3) The drugs themselves have rather unpredictable side-effects.

4) The drugs elicit behavioral changes that may
not be socially acceptable.

5) The drugs have serious civil liability issue
attached to them because of many of the factors above listed,
i.e.: treatment has to be under a very controlled
environment. The costs and liabilities associated
with such treatment conditions would make it too
costly for most people, as well as likely not be
accepted by health insurance providers.

I have secured a small amount of stems. I have preserved them
poorly, hence their effectives shall be questionable.
I think that trying any possible approach, other
than jabbing one's eye out with an icepick is reasonable
as long as the side effects are bearable.

(still pain-free since windsurfing blew me away)

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