I know why these people resort to crime ... they aren't quite smart enough to hold a real job.

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Posted by ChuckC ( on March 23, 2001 at 12:18:01:

5 people were arrested for a bank robbery that took place about a week ago. It seems we've been having more than our share, for a town of 40,000. There were two getaway cars involved. The perpetrators fled in one car and attempted to make a switch to another. While they did make a clean getaway from the bank, (Sort of), not long afterwards, the local deputies got hot on their trail. I work with a woman whose father followed the suspects out of the bank and subsequently followed the bank robbers in his car. He notified the police on his cell-phone the robbery suspects(?) whereabouts. Before the deputies arrived on the scene, they switched getaway cars. Of course, the man on the cell phone talked the dispatcher through the crooks' every move. After the switch was made, a deputy arrived on the scene, and the suspect left behind with the first car tried to block the pursuing officer (kinda' dumb). He managed to get away, however, he decided to report his car stolen (the dumbass used his own car). He was arrested at the police station when he tried to file the report. The other three fled in the second car, and the deputies caught up to them within minutes, as the citizen on the cell phone was still following them around. After all the highspeed chasin' through the countryside, they ended up stopping in a ditch, and two of the suspects fled on foot through the woods. One of the robbers couldn't bear to leave the money behind, and she was apprehended in the getaway car tryin' to gather up some of the loot. The remaining two couldn't have chosen a worse place to flee... through the woods on foot in unknown territory in a neighborhood where armed citizens abound. The remaining two split up, and one was caught in the dark, by the helicopter with the infra-red imagery thingy, and the other was caught, believe it or not, because the shoes he was wearing were the kind that light up when you take a step. The fifth person was arrested as an accessory and was miles away while all this took place. She was being booked on unrelated charges, and saw the other suspects being hauled in, whereupon she said quite loudly "I told y'all you ain't planned this out very well." That little sentence could bring her an extra 5 years.

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