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Posted by Dania ( on March 23, 2001 at 20:58:04:

I think this small history that I have just received is very interesting, worthy of being kept in mind, since can help us:
> - to enlarge our map of the world
> - to be more conscious and realists
> - to be more grateful to God for all that we are and we have
>Have a nice time.
>The Earth in miniature
>If we can reduce the population from the Earth to a small village of
>exactly 100 inhabitants, maintaining the existent proportions, we will obtain something like this:
>This village would have:

>57 Asians,
>21 Europeans,
>14 people of the hemisphere west (so much north as south) and
>8 Africans,
>52 would be women,
>48 men,
>70 would not be white,
>30 would be white,
>70 non Christian,
>30 Christian,
>89 heterosexual,
>11 homosexuals,
>6 people would possess 59% of the wealth of the whole village and,
>the 6 persons(Yes, 6 of 6) they would be North American.
>From our 100 people,

>80 would live in subhuman conditions
>70 would be unable to read,
>50 would suffer of bad feed
>1 person would be about to die,
>1 baby would be about to be born.
>Only 1 (Yes, only 1) would have university education.
>In this village only 1 person would have computer.
>When we analyze our world from this perspective so compressed is when one feels the necessity of acceptance, understanding, tolerance and
>Others questions to meditate...
>If you have seen the sun’s risen this morning with more health than illness, then you are fortunate because more than millions of people won't survive this week.
>If you has never experienced the dangers of the war, the solitude of imprisoned being, the agony of being tortured or the punctures of the starvation, then you can feel better than 500 million people.
>If you can go to your church without fear to be humiliated, arrested,
> or dead... then you are but fortunate than 3.000 millions ( of people in the world.
>If you has food in the refrigerator, clothes in the closet, a roof on your head and a place where to sleep, you are but rich that the world population's 75%.
>If you keep money in the bank, in your wallet and you have some currencies in this one box... you are already one among 8% but rich of this world.
>If your parents even live and they are married... you are a VERY strange person.
>If can read this message, you have just received a double blessing: somebody was thinking of you and but even, you are a lot but fortunate that those but of of people in this world that can not read.
>Someone said once:
>All that goes... then returns
>One must Works as doesn't need the money
>One must loves as nobody never hurt you
>Dance as nobody is seeing you
>Sing as nobody is listening to you
>Send this message to all those that you consider your friends. Send it and makes them happy. The minimum thing that it can happen, if you decide to send it, it is that somebody smiles thanks to you.

Please, if something doesn't understand well, excuse me
(and my "Spanglish")
Love, peace and PF

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