Excellent point stever!!

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Posted by DJ ( on March 31, 2001 at 16:48:22:

In Reply to: Why does O.U.C.H exist? posted by stevevr on March 31, 2001 at 13:34:37:

Excellent point stever! Actually, this IDIOT'S article made it to the message board quite some time ago. We were all very upset about it at the time and I know for a fact SEVERAL of us sent messages to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel telling them how blatantly wrong this information is. I guess they didn't care much (go figure).

I think everyone might be missing the point to just how damaging this information is to us clusterheads. Realize, 95% of the people who read this article initially (and the one's that read it on the net), believe this stupid ass. If for no other reason, because he's a MD. There is ALOT more damaging information in doc Howard's article than just "women don't get them" and "Afrin helps"....

Statements such as these from a MD are the reason we (as cluster headache sufferers) have such a hard time getting our point across

"Cluster headaches are common"

"Those of us who get these headaches are often under considerable stress"

"these headaches are not supposed to happen to women"

"I get a cluster of headaches for two or three days after doing difficult procedures on patients, working extra long hours, or dealing with unpleasant situations at home"

"Some of my patients report they get these headaches after arguing with the boss, having a bad day at home, or doing things they don't want to do"

"Nausea and vomiting often accompanies it"

"Classically, I was taught that cluster headaches last about an hour and recede, but I don't think this is correct. They may last hours"

"The headaches may recede after sleeping, only to return later"

"When the cycle of cluster headaches is over, the affected side of the nose beings to run with watery mucus, hearing clears and the watery light sensitive eye on the side of the headache returns to normal. The nausea stops."

"Many patients, including me, get relief from using decongestants like Psuedophed, from nose drops, and antihistamine drugs"

"I can prevent them by using long acting nose drops such as Afrin. This works for many of my patients as well."

"Women do get headaches from allergies. But since the symptoms are the same, I don't think they are different."

"headaches from sinus congestion may be somewhat similar"

I think I've just posted about 80% of doc Howard's article which is complete bullshit.....

OUCH may not be able to do anything about bogus information like this at this moment, but hopefully, the more people who join us... the more conventions we have... the longer we are around... the stronger we get... the more WE will be able to do about idiots like this who USE the "MD" behind their name to consider themselves an "expert" on all subjects.

I think doc Howard has clearly stepped outside his boundry by trying to understand exactly what a Cluster Headache is.


Just my opinion,

......see you in Atlanta!

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