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Posted by Visitor ( on April 01, 2001 at 12:50:04:

Definition: Per Reader’s Digest Oxford – Complete Wordfinder

Rude: impolite or offensive, 2. Roughly made or done; lacking subtlety or accuracy (a rude shelter) 3. primitive or uneducated (rude chaos: rude simplicity),
4. abrupt; sudden; startling; violent; (a rude awakening; a rude reminder) 5. Colloq. Indecent; lewd (a rude joke) 6. Esp. Brit vigorous or hearty (rude health) – be rude to speak impolitely to; insult – rudely adv. Rudeness n. rudery n. rudish adj.

My question certainly doesn’t fit the definition but some of the replies certainly do.

2nd Item:

Cyberstalking can be in any number of disguises. For example: threatening or harassing email, flaming (online verbal abuse), mass unsolicited email, identity theft, leaving improper messages at guestbooks or newsgroups from you, initiating directed computer viruses, pedophile activity, or email forgery (sending false or damaging email from you, usually to people you know like coworkers, employers, neighbors, etc.). Unfortunately, cyberstalkers sometimes step out of cyberspace and into the physical world by stealing your identity, luring unsuspecting victims for a first meeting, vandalizing your home, office, or vehicle, sending threatening or obscene mail, making abusive and excessive phone calls, or whatever else the criminal mind can imagine.

In no way did my “question” match this description of “CYBERSTALKING” Perhaps some people on your board should read this description. In no way was my message pointed at any one it simply asked a question and if you read the portion of the article from the cyberstalking board that I have included further down on this post you will understand why I asked.

Todd: This is the information from Criminal Most Wanted board that you refer to on your website. Please note the information. Your request for “general information” is a direct conflict to the advice given on the cyber criminal board. Perhaps some of the people on this board should take note. I have not edited this at all but simply stopped and not given the entire advice – any questions please go to and read the entire article.

Preventative Guidelines
Do not give your real name, address, and phone number, school information, marital status, occupation, income, or passwords to ANYONE through email, chat rooms, or newsgroups. This includes requests from internet service providers because a legitimate ISP request will not come from an email, chat room, or Usenet newsgroup. This also includes the 'best friend' you met over the internet. A criminal can represent themselves as a teenager, young person, professional, or anyone that suites their purpose. Adults are just as susceptible to predators as kids or young adults are. Chat rooms are an effective tool for any criminal, especially the pedophile.

Considering the way I was attacked for my question perhaps some of the people on this message board should take a good hard look at the way they responded.

I have personal knowledge of how frightening a “cyberstalking criminal” is. My sister had the misfortune of talking with someone on a chat board “who was a professional – “a bank president” who turned out to be a stalker. He used his position to obtain our address, banking information, etc. by simply having our phone number. His stalking went to leaving messages in our mailbox and obviously coming on to the property and yes this was finally ended with the involvement of the police and federal authorities. So no I wouldn’t give the information you request, nor should any one else, because the need for that information is not to prevent stalking.

You never know the people on the internet, if they are who they present themselves to be, or if it is a criminal, dangerous individual, a psychotic, or other seriously mentally ill individual. That fact alone should keep people from revealing any personal information.

So to those of you who chose to answer my question with rudeness, vulgarity, profanity or any other way than with simple information I suggest that maybe you should examine your reasons for doing so.

There was nothing inflammatory, threatening or rude about my posting. Quite frankly there wasn’t even anything derogatory so I am surprised at the reaction of some of the people on this board and have to really wonder how safe this board is.

Psychology 101: He who doth protest too much is usually guilty of what they are protesting.


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