Do you know what comes after laundry day?

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Posted by Donna ( on April 05, 2001 at 23:08:24:

Mending and ironing (out) day. That's tomorrow.

All good relationships need a foot stomping, temper tantrum, get it off your chest whether you're right or not day. If you're right, someone learned something. If you're wrong, learn something. I learned something.

Not to get involved in someone elses conversation.

To those of you whom I have known for sometime, nothing has really been lost throughout this turmultious day. We really have shown over a period of time how much we care about one another and protect one another from everyone but ourselves. Isn't that what families do?

Do you know who started the negative feelings a couple of days ago? Me. With a remark about 10++. Remember?

Now, it was the last thing in the world that I expected. If you read that post of mine, I said I just wanted to talk the same language, and people started getting bent out of shape.

Am I going to apologize? No. It wasn't intentional. It shouldn't have been taken to be a slam. I should have known better, but I'm stupid sometimes. As many of you old timers know, I sometimes post before I think of how some people might take it. I talk off the top of my head-first thoughts out. When you meet me you may think I am blunt, but it's not that.

My great teacher, P. E. Drummer, taught me my first lesson in writetiqette and since he's missing in action, I slip every once in awhile. Ever see a conversation between him and Jack? Like two english professors/space scientists having debate. $500.00 words.

I miss them very much. I don't want to miss anyone else. Do you? Let's be big people about this and just go back about one week and start fresh.

I really admire every one of you for speaking your piece. For telling it like you think it is. I don't think it will effect the newbies. They will follow every word because they don't know what it's all about, for a while. They'll put their big toe in the water, then their whole foot and pretty soon they'll just jump in. That's the way it's been and will be.

Ask yourself secretly-would you really like to see anyone leave? Once you're over your hostile feelings, wouldn't you miss them? If you answered number 1 yes, and #2 no, take the test again and again until you get it right.

Mrs. Holloman and Miss Twitch, it's about time for school to resume. How about tomorrow? We all need to get back into our lessons.

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