Go to medical school, when I was 22, just out of the service

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Posted by NikcD ( on April 08, 2001 at 08:14:13:

In Reply to: No, it's not atonement ... posted by August on April 08, 2001 at 01:17:02:

would take my ten year old brother to pick up my mom (she never drove) that worked in the burn ward of a childrens hospital, I could barely walk in there, these were babies and tiny kids with severe burns, car accidents, home fires, ect., talk about a place of suffering of innocent young children, sure there are still many burn wards throughout the country, my brother was quiet and observant, but must have made an deep impression on him, he worked his way through medical school and became a doctor, not an easy task for a poor kid, AMA is loaded with politics, he was a straight A student, he recently quit a high paying job at a large metro clinic, just got fed up with body counts, suppose to see 4-5 patients per hour, some top doctors (HMO wise) were seeing as much as 40 patients a day, he demand time with his patients was giving warnings, then just quit. He prefers driving an old car and working in VA hospitals, (another hell hole if you ask me), the forgotten Americans dating back to WWII, but he did have some gas victims from WWI a while back. My son and daughter in law are also doctors that prefer to stay away from the large clinics and work with small groups, tough on their personal family life, son-in-law was called out during my granddaughters birthday party and many times during the middle of the night, don't know how he keeps up with it, same with my daughter in law, but you can see they really care about their patients and their suffering, neither are getting super rich like some clinic doctors I know of around here. I spoke to a lifelong friend many times about pain in general, he is a priest, somehow the curing aspects of the early church died with the apostles, this doesn't make sense to me, my priest friend tells me to pray to find a good doctor. I do have the option of getting any pain killer I desire, but those that I tried fry my brain, I rather have the pain than to be a vegetable. I have been encouraging my son to go to medical school and find his own cure for Crohn's, this was his goal, but doesn't appear to have the stamina to undertake such as task and has had too many setbacks already due to his disease. We have progressed to the point where we don't have to have limbs cut off without any pain killer aids as in the Civil War nor teeth pulled by the barber without any pain aids, but still have a long way to go. Couldn't think of a better person to enter the medical field than a cluster head if that person could keep up with the pace, this is the hard part. Unfortunately the vast majority of our medical industry is all about money, man could I tell you some stories about this subject. But to a much lesser extend, there are good people that are dedicated to making progress, the problem is that, just not enough of them. In the meantime, not only CHer's, but many people with afflictions will suffer, it's all about money which is my negative view on this subject, I feel the AMA and drug companies have become very corrupt, and where ever there is corruption, there are victims that must suffer.

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