Let's use logic then, physical properties and cause and effect.

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Posted by NickD ( on April 09, 2001 at 09:27:13:

In Reply to: Your really testing me Nick..... posted by August on April 09, 2001 at 01:02:35:

While during a cluster, something in the physical makeup in our bodies changes that results in this severe pain, if nothing does not change then we should have the CH 24 hours a day, 365 days a year that leads to cause and effect, I feel that the effect for all of us is very similiar but the causes are very much different. You hate the word "trigger", now do you have a constant headache? I don't think so, it comes and goes like the rest of us, but something starts that headache, whether it be an odor, a muscle movement or God knows what, whatever starts that headache is called a trigger and the body reacts to it in such a fashion where the "effect" is pure hell, at the same time, the body reacts to it in such a manner that it eases that unknown source, the body is fighting back, and the headache does go away, again, something physically changes. There is also a chain reaction effect, something causes parts of the head to swell up that restricts blood flow, cuts oxygen that consequently augments the swelling, in semi-conductor terminlogy, we call this thermal runaway, starts off slow, causes a little heat, the heat releases more current carriers that cause more heat that releases more current carriers, than "bang", the sucker blows up. Clusters are the same, starts off slow, than blows up, but except in our heads with a trife amount of pain assoicated with it.

The nostrils are part of the "thermal runaway" scenario first a little swelling that causes some restriction, this restriction augments the swelling, than bang, you are beating your head against the wall, not for everyone, but the Orajel on the nostril surface can impede the swelling process and break this chain reaction.

Yet another effect is blood pounding due to high blood pressure that causes pain, I don't critize people for taking high blood pressure pills to ease their headaches just because it doesn't work for me, I have very low blood pressure that is on the "cause" side of the equation, perhaps other people don't have the extended nostril swelling that I have, so the Orajel won't work for them, here the causes are different, but it's the effects being very similar that bring us together. I have no idea what triggers your headaches and they are triggered otherwise you would have them 24 hours a day, nor do I have an idea of what physical properities are changed basically in your head, few of us have identical causes, but we seem to have the same effects, that mean terrible pain. I am open for comment, as this is how I see CH's.

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