Places I like to avoid especially during an inversion CH wise.

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Posted by NickD ( on April 10, 2001 at 09:32:50:

Towns with paper mills or wood products like particle board manufacturers.
Pig farms
Neighborhoods with heavy wood burning
Coal fired power plants
Unsrubbed hospital incinerators.
Large metro airports

Have to say over the last 20 years the EPA has done much good and headaches are far more under control for me. I left the Chicago area due to constant headaches, Gary IN steel mills were drastically cleaned up, Madison has a very strong environmental group even attacking the UW in town dairy farm with manure spreading, I was told to stay away from Tacoma, WA due to the aluminum problems, went there anyway with no problems, but that doesn't long term would give a problem. LA wasn't bad either, EPA claims NOx's are bad, but they form a cloud well above ground level, Houston now has the worse NOx levels, haven't been there for awhile. The EPA shut down our old coal fired electrical plant, hydrogen sulfide gas, the DNR made the thousands of homes outside of my town install water meters with well water and holding tanks, many people were pumping out tanks to save on processing costs that also kicks out a lot of hydrogen sulfide gas, ammonia, and chlorine, our town also rebuilt the sewer processing plant to new EPA requirements. The DNR is forcing farmers to inject liquid manure into the ground, but many farmers are still using open spreading, you can smell that miles away.

The first catalytic converter cars were a problem for me with high sulphur gas also kicking out hydrogen sulfide gas, this was quietly reduced, another quiet movement was the elimination of leaded fuels responsible for regressed brain development especially in kids.

Basically the tides have turned, don’t find much heavy industry in large cities anymore, but have to watch out for some small towns where the industry owns the town. Think the EPA really went backwards with oxygenated gasoline and adding MBTB’s, not only causes detonation but kills fuel economy by about 20%. I got my hands in MBTB gas recently and the stuff burned my hands like acid, perhaps 40% of the nation will die from cancer if some forecasts hold true. Also the EPA is shutting down important industry resulting in the exportation of many jobs plus weakening the defense of our country, more research is needed in these areas to cut pollution without killing jobs.

One benefit of having CH’s is that it is too painful to be in high concentrated areas, can say that I lost many friends and old co-workers due to strokes, heart attacks, and cancer, many younger than I, CH’s made me move and change my life style. Was doing very well until a high polluting industry moved into my town that caused me to move again. Moving into a doctors community wasn’t as good as I thought, they are helpless and not permitted to partake in what the clinic considered civil matters, I had to do the EPA calling to get the incinerator problem resolved, also they were told to build modest homes, but that was changed, many to over 1 million dollar homes going up out of town

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