clusters interfering w/work

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Posted by Hector ( on April 10, 2001 at 12:00:54:

if anyone could provide some insight, i would appreciate that. I was 1st dignosed w/ cluster head aches in 1995.After being on meds. for two yrs. i went off thinking they were gone. the headaches returned but at a much worse intensity.I went in for surgery in feb.'01 to possibly relieve a cereberal fistula which the drs. could not find after exploratory surgery. so now i am on the medicinal bandwagon again,imitrex,vicadin,midrin,verapamil and o2 treatment @ home..I am currently a navy recruiter in wi,it is a very stressful job.i drive great distances putting as much as 1500-2000 mi.a month on the car.the good thing is being in the military i am 100%covered on the meds, so i do not pay a penny.the bad part is, i am now on a 8month limited duty status because i cannot drive due to the meds. i am on. I am seeing a civilian i am not located near a military med., facility.although in mar. i was sent to great lakes, il. to be evaluated by a military dr.All have agreed i have cluster head aches, that is not in doubt,but i know my supervisor is trying to understand as well as co-workers, but to them i am suffering from "headaches",i wish i could give them just 10 minutes of what i go thru two sometimes three times a week for 2-3 hrs. per episode at any time during the day.i feel the attacks are a result of the stress involved w/this job. i get out of the military next spring after 15yrs. of service,i am not going 20 yrs. for retirement because 1)i am tired of the navy, and 2)i am no longer permitted to do my job as a firefighter onboard navy ships.i will most likely be re-evaluated by a military dr.for suitability/disability reasons before i separate.How will these cluster headaches affect my marketability in the civilian workplace, and would any of you out there consider this a disability of some type? I know i do not have to explain the pain that i endure as you all are very much aware, but there are days i have to get home, suck on oxygen and take meds to hopefully gain some comfort while i deal w/this.Again, i am not looking for sympothy but rather someone else 's take on a conditon you know so well,thank you...Hector..

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