Camel Syndrome?

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Posted by Dan C. ( on April 15, 2001 at 02:25:17:

Dear friends- By the way, hi Deb, I know you're still up- that Easter Bunny routine really has you hoppin', doesn't it? Yes- I'm back. Just woke suddenly. I need to get to a clinic of some sort soon- perhaps in the morning to demand an imitrex shot and/or a lobotomy, I think. For tonight- I'll just have to try my not-so-great choice of another Lortab. I know, I's not good- but it's all I have here right now. And, no- it doesn't really phase things much- maybe onlly 10-20%. But sometimes that's enough to help me to tolerate things for a bit more. I'm still searching all and "processing" all this new information- and how it relates to me. I deal with other health challenges/ailments- besides the CH's- so maybe this has nothing at all to do with headaches. But, ever since I began having my ha's- over 10 years ago- I am constantly thirsty. I mean all day long. I mean- can hardly stand to go more that 15-20 minutes without drinking something. I sip on water, ice, Diet Coke- all day long. And, the caffeine in the DC doesn't seem related to my CH's. Anyway- as a natural consequence- if and when I finally go to sleep- I then wake up every 90 minutes or so throughout the night to go to visit the rest room. It's as if my body soaks in all this water all day long. If and when I do fall asleep- I often awake- and take just a small sip of water. Anyone else have this constant thirst? I've been to a multitude of doctors- and they've ruled out diabetes. I'm on blood pressure medication- but not any diuretic. I'm just plain weird! I do constantly have these questions, though, that I would love to toss out from time to time- to see if anyone else notices some of my "special" characteristics. Yes Deb- you little bunny you- I do have my "ice-jock" on still. (Velcro strap around my head- holding an ice bag on my forehead. ;-) I'm going to hit the LazyBoy once again now- and see if the Lortab lets me rest for a bit more. Folks- please know that I'm aware the Lortab is a poor choice to hit this with- but until I get something new from my doctor- it's all I have.. FYI- I've never taken more than one every 4-6 hours, as needed. I'm very much aware of abuse/dependency etc. Constantly monitoring what I take- and how often. If anything, the only drug I guess I'm guilty of overusing- might be Tylenol. I'm trying to cut way back on that- due to some helpful information Jackie sent me. Thanks for "listening."

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