Old and New please read a letter I got and my open reply to all!

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Posted by Elaine ( on April 17, 2001 at 09:00:58:

Hi Elaine,
I didn't think I could make it, but then I read those old posts. And
well I cried, IM going to ask again tomorrow at work for that time off if
its not too late. I don't even need a shirt! I do need to meet some people
in person that understand this, I am so tired of my boss telling me IM
overreacting, its a pms thing...and NO one else in my life gets it. I was
afraid of going if IM still in cycle, but chances of that are slim (I hope)
and well your old letter made me feel better about that. SO please let me
know if its too late?


I would like to reply to this letter from her openly on the board.

Dear Gypsy and all!
Its never to late to sign up for the convention.There are people who understand and meeting them is a feeling I could never explain. We may have to find another motel to put people in, but there are three motels right together. I do not see a problem there. I am sure Bob P will order extra shirts for people that come late.

The old post I do wish each one of you would take the time to read them. They are post from people that are still around but no longer post, the old timers. Back then the site was new, and we told of our life struggles with clusters, and we all became very close. A lot of old timers stopped posting cause we had already shared our experences with clusters, and some other things going on in our life. A lot of us read all the new post and we don't post cause its already here. I guess we forget you new guys may not have read it yet. It will take you a long time to read all the post but if you read one page a day, you would understand us better (the old timers)! Plus there is a lot of information in those old post that you all could use.
A few weeks back Margi posted she missed the way things use to be. There has been lots of post to that.
If you all go back and read you will see, us missing the way things use to be is not a cut to the new people. Its just we had very spcial moments, that brought us close and made this site what it is today.
I had more than cluster headches when I first came here. I honestly believe I would have died had it not been for the people here.
If you read the old post you will find out who Hub is and what a good sport he is. He always let us use his name to get a laugh and smile.
You will find out why I call Margi my twisted sister. You will find out that Drummer, Has a heart of gold. You will also find out he is a idiot, that don't sound nice, but if you read his post you will find out why.
You will find out that Jack Boyd, and Todd, and Gary, and Bob P, and many more were people who researched things and talked about it and got us all involved.
You will find out How the Mrs Holloman and Mrs twitch class got started. You will see the tears we shead, and the joy we also had. We see yours cause we read the board everyday. Won't you each read the old post and get to know us.
Margi bless her heart. The week end before I went in for my surgery. She got as many people as she could together in a icq chat and they had a party for me. Dj , Todd, hub, and Drummer and many more were there.
If I had died having that surgery I would have died happy.
When I had my stroke and was on a resperator(sp) my daughter posted. The board stopped. Some people prayed, so sent their wishes, no one posted till they heard I was ok. The board stopped, when I came home and saw the board had stopped, and open my mail it was unreal. My house looked like a funeral home there we so many flowers, from people I never even knew.
Thats just things that happen to me. There are so many things that happen to each one of us back then that brought us close to each other. We were all getting hit with clusters and dealing with other issues just like you guys are. We had private jokes that got on the board. Like Margi and me calling each other twisted sisiters. Thats why you see TS on our post when we post to each other. Like when we call Drummer a idiot.
We know you guys but you don't know us. About a year ago someone posted and used Hub as a butt of a joke, we all got beat up by the new people on how mean we were to this person LOL. Had they read the old post they would know we use to have a Bob and Hub show. The time Ted and I had a fake fight on the board. You will find out how Jonny became the tuff guy with a heart as big as a mountain.
Its kind of like the Miss Holloman and Mrs Twitch class. By the way I have been asked a hundred times by new people who are they. Miss Holloman is me, and Mrs Twitch is Margi. Everyone on the board was our class.
Things change, people leave new people come, but our memory stays with us, so no one ever really leaves.

New people take the time to get to know us, we already know you. Old timers won't you post and let them know us all. There is so much we have to offer each other.

Won't you all stop being so scared of each other. Give your phone number to people you trust, and get to know people you don't. Don't be jealous of each other, there is no reason for that. Everyone here is special!

Plan your vacation at the convention. I promise you it will be something you will never forget, and well worth the money.

I love you guys old and new!
I hate the fighting its no fun! I have miss the people who I have fought with. No one wins in a fight! Lets all be friends and come together. If you can't make it to the convention. Make it your business to get to know people in person. Check where we live and find someone close to you. Swap phone numbers ect....
You will never regret it!

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