The drug you are looking for is LSD

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Posted by Flash ( on April 19, 2001 at 03:08:03:

In Reply to: Why Drugs Are Illegal! Is a darn good enlightment program posted by NickD on April 18, 2001 at 09:06:33:

It was specifically synthesised from the Ergot fungus to combat vascular headaches. It is extremely effective against both CH and migraine... far more so than any legal drug that your physician can currently prescribe. A single 15mcg dose of LSD may be enough to break a CH cycle and bring about 12 months of remission.

LSD is counter addicitive. That means it is impossible to get hooked on it.

LSD is a sister drug to both Methysergide and Ergotamine. Those are extremely poor relations, neither being particularily effective, and both having nasty side effects. LSD has very few side effects other than hallucinations. The 15mcg dose required to treat vascular headaches is subhallucinogneic.

Contrary to popular belief there have not been any deaths directly attributed to LSD. LSD is only as toxic as vitamin A, but active at a much smaller dose. The handful of widely publicised cases of people jumping out of windows that are attributed to LSD are mainly suicides. LSD was no found to be present in their systems during autopsy. The claims relating to LSD being responsible for those deaths were made by close family, looking for a reason why their loved one chose to take their own life. You may note that this handful of cases all occured within the same timeframe, and no subsequent cases have been reported. Most of the other bad publicity surrounding LSD can be correctly attributed to another drug PCP or Angel Dust. If anything is likely to make someone jump out of a window - this is it. Known side effects of PCP are delusions of flight and strenght. Note the use of the word delusion. LSD is a hallucinogen - it does not cause delusions. User of LSD are largely aware of what is really going on around them!

Another drug chamically similar to LSD, that may also be used to treat CH, is Psilocybin. Psilocybin is also an hallucinogen, and the active ingredient in Magic Mushrooms. This drug has been used to treat vascular headaches for centuries. Psilocybin is metabolised by the body into Psilocin. You may note the extremely close similarity between Psilocin and Serotonin. Psilocin is also one of the metabolates of LSD.

Many CH suffers have been using LSD and Psilocybin to treat their condition with incredible success. You can search for this in the archives under "shroom" or "LSD".

Hope this is useful.


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