High from stadol?? For many the opposite

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Posted by Mike L ( on April 21, 2001 at 05:52:30:

In Reply to: More facts. posted by Paco on April 20, 2001 at 21:48:35:

Stadol was developed as a strong pain killer that would not feel good enough to want to take it for fun. For about 65% who use stadol get dysphoria (opposite of Uphoria). It killed my pain so so and turned me into a mean old fart. It works quick but and You can definately feel it kick in. The high is a LOW for me.Part of the good thing about opiates is if you really have severe pain the "High" is a small compensation compared to the pain of a CH attack why feel guilty for a little uphoria under these circumstances?, It sometimes bugs me when we worry so much about the high from narcotics when we live with such intense pain. I still feel that when used properly (and I really feel that underprescribing opiates is a real mistake) ,if you use them at all of course. Sometime the phrase "drug seeking" is really about people that respond well to opiates but are not given enough. If opiates work for someone I'm sure the subconcious survival modes pushes your mind to get more meds just to feel some relief. I think pain is the enemy an opiates are one of natures simple and effective ways of dealing with pain espescially if the opiate counteracts the same neuropaths that may be involved for somewith this disease anyway. Opium used to be availible in grocery store by the pound and chronic pain sufferers di not usually go nuts and abuse the stuff. They listen to their bodys needs and used the dose that killed the pain and still allowed them to function. Less then 10% of people used it at all. After long term usage for pain there is hardly any high anyway except the high of not hurting. It it works for someone let's throw this government produced guilt in the trash and realize that like my Dr says "Pain is the enemy and regulations and much misinformation has created an attitude of feeling guilty using some types of medications that really work for some, not always as a poor way to get relief. For me it has not only helped reduced the pain but with the right med and dosage it (According to my Anesthesiologist can alter the neuropaths that ,for some are out of kilter, to function more mormal and greatly reduced the frequency of attacks) after 3 years has almost given me 100% way to function and work again. I have kept a diary and have very methodicaly and patiently pusued what has worked for me and feel that a diary is so important. It would be the pits to think that maybe a 10% increase more of say verapimal would have been the cure and just missed it by not having a Dr or myself try it to it's limit before changing to something else. My neuro always gave me at least 2-3 months or the time it took to max out on the dosage of more coventional CH meds and some of them helped and certainly kept me positive about things. For me that's the case MIke L

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