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Posted by Paula ( on April 21, 2001 at 18:55:10:

Boy did Benniepost and Todds responce get me to thinking. All day long it's all I have thought about. First I would agree with one, then I would think the other one had some good points. Being new to the board and having never ever belonged to any organization before OUCH, I don't have a clue as to how everything is to be done. Even after close to a year I haven't a clue still. Or what has been done by OUCH in the past. Has posting a link at other websights the reason for all the migraine posts? We definatly want to stay seperate. I totally agree with that concept. I think (this is my opinion) that Bennie Sue is frustated. Where are we to go to get the word out about CH? What has been done in the past? What did work. What did not work? How can I pickup where someone else has left off to get the word out? All I think to be true is if we do nothing we will have nothing done. If we take risks and fail, then we need to probibly not do that again. Failure to me would be having a link bring more people without CH to the message board and have it totally over run. Loosing our CH board to other things. That is not what is wanted.But if we say, send out letters to the media and get no responce, that's not failure. We just must keep trying. And maybe some of you are tired of trying, then let me try for awhile. Coach me, let me learn from your mistakes and successes. I am like a child, willing to learn and do things. But without quidance from parents, my efferts would be useless and soon I would stop trying. Giving up. Also I was asked if I had read the OUCH library. I started reading it last night. Not because someone said "gee there's lots of good info there" but because I felt guilty I had not thought of going there to read it before. I will continue going back because there is great info on there not because I feel guilty anymore. Parents(oldtimers) please be patient with me. I am just starting out. I can help you as much as you help me but only by talking TOGETHER can we do this. Please don't assume I know or expect me to know what I don't. YES, I should take some responsibility and read up on OUCH. But it's because of my enthuziasium that I often go off half cocked. Just gently guide me where I need to go. Lets work together. It will not happen till we do. GUIDE ME. I am willing. Take a chance that someone can make a difference. If we don't take a chance then it won't make any difference at all. Love Paula

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