How to preserve mushrooms in honey. The definitive guide.

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Posted by Flash ( on April 22, 2001 at 14:41:56:

Purchase normal clear runny honey in glass jars with a long shelf life. Tip the honey out of the jars and into a jug. Do not heat the honey to make it pour easier
- just be patient.

Do not wet ot wash the mushrooms because this will cause the psilocybin to leak out and make them much less potent. Put them into the jars dry.

Put the mushrooms into the empty honey jars. You want to get as much mushroom in each jar as possible. The reason for this is that the psilocybin will slowly
leak into the honey. Putting as much shroom as possible into each jar minimises this problem. It may be necessary to chop the mushrooms into chunks to
make the nest possible use of the volume in the jar. Use the largest chunks possible. The larger the chunks, the smaller the overall surface area. The fewer
the chunks, the lower the number of cuts to the mushrooms. The reason for this again is to minimise the bleeding of the psilocybin into the honey. It's also
much easier to extract the large chunks later.

Try not to bruise the mushrooms when chopping them up, and try not to bruise the chunks when inserting them into the jar. The less bruising, the less bleeding
of psilocybin into the honey.

Fit as many chunks into each jar as possible without crushing them down, or packing them too tightly. Do not try and distribute the shrooms evenly across all
jars - 3 full jars and 1 half full jar is better than 4 jars at 75% capacity. You just use the half full jar first, since bleeding will be more of a problem in that jar.
Bleeding takes weeks, so don't worry about it too much.

When you cannot safely get any more chunks in without damaging them, pour honey back into the jars. The honey needs to go all the way to the top of each
jar because the shrooms will try and float to the surface. The less air in the jar the better. Try and get the honey all the way up to the lid. Smear a trace of
honey round the threads before screwing on the lid - this will help seal the jar (but the lid is gonna be a bitch to get off - rap the edge of the lid sharply on a
hard surface to break the seal).

Place the jars into a cold dark place. Dark is very important since light will degrade the psilocybin. Cold is very important because the honey will set in a cold
jar, and this will reduce bleeding to negligible levels.

For the first few days rotate the jars between right side up and upside down. By this I mean standing normally and standing on their lids. Be careful that the
honey does not leak out when they are upside down. Do not put them upside down if they are stored somewhere warm because the honey will leak out.
Rotating the jars on a daily basis for the first week will ensure the mushrooms are thoroughly coated in honey. Within the week the honey should have set.
Subsequently leave the jars right side up as normal.

Provided you make a good job of this the jars can remain potent for several years. The minimum you get out of a badly stored jar is 12 months.

Do not put the jars in the freezer! This causes the contents to expand, and the jar to break. It also causes the most hellish problems with defrosting, where the
mushroom tissue is destroyed and the psilocybin rapidly bleeds into the honey.

When it comes time to use the shrooms, you only need the chunks of shroom, not the honey - unless you want to rot your teeth! Provided the honey has set
you just need to crack open a jar and dig the chunks out with a little spoon. Do not heat the jar because this will cause the psilocybin to bleed into the honey!
Provided the honey has set it is possible to reseal the jar and return to the cold dark place for another time. Do not top up the honey, since this will just
promote further bleeding.

Do not wet or wash the shrooms at any time. Washing them will promote bleeding.

Hope this helps.


PS I intend to update the text on the hallucinogenic treatment page accordingly.

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