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Posted by Daniel ( on April 25, 2001 at 08:38:44:

In Reply to: Just bear in mind posted by Ted on April 25, 2001 at 07:10:49:

I forgot, you always have the option of going with Ted who has nothing to offer but Racism, Sarcasm and violence and takes up time on the board either wooing women, conducting affairs in the public eye or fighting.

I recieved an appology this morning from another member who pays more attention than Ted. My reply explains things quite nicely - my claim about curing thousands was incorrect and I have appologised many times for it, and for the ignorance that it came from.

Ted's claims that A) No-one has been cured (members of this board have spoken to patients of ours that have been cured)
B) That we have never performed the surgical procedures that I spoke about for clusters
Are blatant lies that stem from a blackness of heart and a bitterness with life. I guarrentee you that he is poor, both in the physical and spiritual worlds. Abundance cannot flow bitterness. I don't expect you to belive me - stick around and wait for a fight then take a peek and see who's slinging mud and ask yourself how many other times you saw his name in the time that you've been here. In fact if this is your first post here then I'd say thats 1-0 to me.

Last week a member of this board finally agreed to accept our offer. I personally paid for his plane ticket from Port Elisabeth to Johannesburg and treatment there after was free of charge. Please see the posts by Dennis Robertson who has been comming to this board for some years now and recently posted about being the guinea pig to our offer.

These arguments with Ted have been had many many times. Eventually people step in and tell him to shut up and then a fight ensues between the others who take various stances, but this takes time and things have to get really ugly first, which is a pitty.

I am a member of Ouch and have gone and will continue to go to great lenghts to help the people that suffer from cluster headaches both on this board and else where.

Below is my reply to Chuck C who wrote to appologise this morning after we flew Dennis to JHB, treated him for free, and he has been pain free since. Do watch for Dennis's own follow up though which he'll post in a few days - by the way he did not require surgery, we performed the arterial check during an attack and there was no change in pain levels.

It is unfortunate for medical science that characters like Ted are permitted to stand in the way of its progress. However the freedom of speech that medical science requires to progress demands that he be kept free, so we are thankful for it.

I hope you don't mind Chuck but your feelings at the moment are very pertinent even though you may change them in the future.

This mail recieved this morning:

"I don't know what prompts me to do this, other than
the last remaining shred of decency left within my
character, but after seeing the repetitive behavior on
the CH.com board, and to know that I'm a guilty party
in it, I offer a most sincere apology. I saw the post
by the one guy from SA and I'm assuming he had the
work done at your Dad's clinic... Nice Goin'! I hope
he enjoys 100% success.
I find it most ironic that those who complain the
worst about non-clusterheadache messages are posting
the same sort of garbage they complain about. As for
me, I have decided that since I have nothing
encouraging or worthwhile to post, other than an
occassional blast of warcasm (<but I like it)I shall keep my mouth shut. Or rather, I
shall keep my fingers still. As I said, I am sorry!
Keep up the good work! And tell your Dad Thanks for
treating (a) fellow suffer(s)



"Apology accepted without reserve

There's lots of good work that goes down on the board too

Don't give up on em, just pick your posts

Were waiting for the follow up post from Dennis Robertson who incidentally
did not require surgery. After that we want to do this whole thing one more
time but this time we need a chronic. The problem with episodic is that
you're never 100% sure whether the cycle has just ended.

Also I'd like to get someone who everyone knows and has been around for a
long time.

You know there's always the marketing thing going on the background but I'm
caught between two poles - speak to Dennis Robertson, I ain't short of
patients, we're chock a block all the time, there's loads of people in SA
that have Medical Aid cover, and we're busy doing a deal in Bangkok too.
People say how can you live with yourself making money out peoples
suffering - I say I make it out of their healing. Plus if every single
person on the board came to us we'd see a blip in the finances and then it
would be gone. The money ain't in clusters there's not enough of you.

So if I was just in it for the cash I'd have gone to a migraine site long
ago. Migraines are much easier to cure than clusters and there are billions
more people that suffer.

So that's the another side to it. The side that refuses to let me sit here
and give up on effectively communicating to these people that there is some
new thinking out there which is offering real hope to many. Although I don't
suffer from any form of headache I deal with many sever headache sufferers
every day and have watched people in a cluster attack - I just cain't sit
and say nufink

Again, apologies accepted without reserve and I hope to meet you someday.
Ouch convention 2002 perhaps.


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