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Posted by Riccardo ( on April 30, 2001 at 02:54:30:

OK, it’s my turn again to fill this board with useless things, and to annoy you with my soap opera thoughts. :-)

I’m an old programmer, a WEB surfer (for work and fun) and a clusterhead….

In my “WEB” life I jumped in serious, not too serious, stupid and perverted sites (please no jokes!).
I agreed with a lot of people that said good things, I disagreed with many more.
I found information on the WEB, and I found many more NON-information or lies.

I jump in this site some months after my last cycle, waiting and scared from the next one.
I spent a week in reading the last posts, the archives, the other things that were here 2 years ago. I was first surprised, then amazed, then I feltl in love with the people here.

I also think I never had big brain problem (excluding CH if it is) I never had to go to any Neuro (excluding CH), nor I have needed to impose my personality to other people on the WEB, nor have to post anything to feel me more important.

Yes, I love to laugh, I love to make jokes, I joke also on my CH condition, on my (hope not too near) death. May be a wrong way of life, but for me is better than cry and weep on my many problem (as all you, I have also).

On this board I have found many tips (tip is a bit few!) to fight with the Demon, I have found many people that gave (and still give) support to each other. Thanking God, I never had the need to use the tips or to ask help here: I’m pain free from 38 months!

But I am still here. Any day of my life, if only I can, I jump on this board to hear, to help (with my poor words), to laugh. And I feel me absolutely OK, I continue to love (I think more!) my wife, my daughter, my friends, my relatives. I DON’T feel me a poor stupid spending some minutes (sometimes hours) on this board.

You could say: he is an Italian: genetically he is a spaghetti man, an ‘O sole mio’ singer, a Gondola driver. Yes I am! :-)

And you could say: he is here to learn good English (he needs so much!). Yes it has happened, the first posts were surely worse than the new, but was a consequence, not the meaning.

But (old same story, uh!) I have found here a big family, the most compassionate, clever, fair, nice people I never found in my life. (and I think I have not had a poor life before).

In these times I have needed a more ‘deep’ contact with all you (please, no jokes again!:-) ). I start to call Elaine by phone, in those bad days she have had, to have news and to feel us more close. Then I start to call other people, and I become addicted.
I NEVER called any other person known on the WEB, I didn’t found people like you before.

Yes, Riccardo is a brown noser and a stupid that calls people he never seen. OK may be, but I got from these calls a lot of humanity, a lot of closeness, a lot of happiness, despite the fact I caught an average of 20% words from you. I never forgot the “God bless you!” of Elaine, and many “I am so happy to hear you” of many other ones.
If this is a stupidity, if this is useless, OK, I hope my life will be always so stupid and useless.

Don’t forget I’m ...some... miles far from you, I don’t have a lot of chances to meet you all. Oh, Chance remember me something other……, another thing: I was a bit surprised when Sue has said to me: “you are the first clusterhead I have meet!”

How is possible that you don’t want to know each other? Why don’t you call each other by phone? Is an experience that you cannot forget! And you are more near, and it doesn’t costs a lot, and you have not this fu@@ing time difference of 6/9 hours that really sucks!.

But…. There is a Convention near, anyway … :-)

All this (too much, isn’t it?) to say:

The board is the place where the family meet: jokes, stupidities, non-pertinent to CH posts are allowed, are welcome, until the time when no help-posts are forgotten. And until now, I do not remember any help post requests, or newbies posts that have been forgotten (perhaps very few).

On the other hand, if (IF!) we have said all what we have to say about CH cures and tips, and nothing CH news at the horizon, what the heck have we to do? Don’t post until we have some medical news to let the board clear? No, in my opinion NO!

And if migraine people jump here, we have to help them. As ‘psychological’ support first (I agree wholeheartly with Bennie Sue!) then, ONLY THEN, redirect them to a more proper board or help group. If you meet a person that break his leg on your road, what do you do? Do you offer your help, or do you continue your walk, because it’s not CH? After the ‘first aid’ no one will ask you why you have not cured his fracture, put him in bed, and give him a warm soup. But let’s give the first aid!

I have already said this: this is an unique board on the WEB. This is a Family! And a Family can, have to share all what any member think.

I love you all and I will continue to be here, (in CH cycle or not) to give a little help, to share funnies, to vent if I will need. I am sure that someone will surely reply!

Your paisan Riccardo

(....OMG how long is this post!... and how many errors in it.... I have to give a prize to the few people that will read it completely!!!!
OK ...the usual garlic kisses...:-) )

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