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Posted by annemarie ( on May 01, 2001 at 07:30:47:

I do not know what Jeanie means with that mystery message (look below). I am not e-mailing behind people's backs. I have been mostly away from the board for a few days and could only glance at the postings.

But I have just read the paroxysm of anger at one, very politely worded, very necessary post of yesterday. I have seen rage on behalf of a visitor whose question was at first instance replied to correctly, lucidly and caringly.

My conclusion - some people just can't read! Maybe they should take reading courses (I am perfectly serious!) or they should take time to read a message again, before dashing off a reaction.

But I have also seen something much more serious. People who are offended at the use of language here. They feel that it is a sign of lack of respect.

Quite apart from the fact that the person concerned finally flew off the handle after some long drawn out nagging, those people who complain about bad language, completely disregard the fact that everybody has their own way of expressing thgemselves.

Some who post here hammer out just what they are thinking without a care for grammar or spelling or punctuation.
Some keep putting prayers and religious beliefs in their messages.
Some use words that are not popular in polite society.

What of it?

My writing (and spelling and grammar)is better than some of you come up with, prayers and stuff don't go with my beliefs, and it is very rarely that I use profanities.

Still, I respect YOUR way of expressing yourselves. Looking at all those messages I read the best of intentions, caring, support for people in pain and readiness to supply information and answer questions.

And especially of those, that have been attacked for being unpleasant and/or using bad language to newcomers, I have yet to read the first mean, selfish, or narrowminded message!!!

I said I can respect your way of expressing yourselves.

As long as you respect MY way!
And Paco's way. And Jonny's way. And TerryS' way. And Dennis O's way. And DJ's way. And... And...

This is about respect.

Not for somebody's (supposed) sensibilities.
For people.

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