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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on May 18, 2001 at 11:48:55:

In Reply to: And yet ANOTHER Shroom post. posted by Margi on May 18, 2001 at 10:32:17:

... there are a several more who have tried it successfully but not yet posted results here. I know of some, probably Flash does as well.

I know of QUITE a few more who have either already grown their own personal supply and have it stashed away waiting for the next cycle to start or are in the process of growing and are waiting for harvest. And I know of even more who have ordered or about to order spores and supplies, and still more who have e-mailed me for info on where to get the necessary spores and supplies and then never contacted me again.

If my hard disk hadn't recently vaporized, taking all my archived e-mails with it (sobs uncontrollably) I would be able to give you exact numbers of each of the above categories. At a rough guess I would say it is about as many as those who have posted here, maybe more.

Though I won't tell you their names, I can say that you all would recognize some of them. There were also quite a few who have NEVER posted here. These people are perfectly content to read the board and gather the information they need to deal with the beast, whether it be verapamil or lithium or O2 or Imitrex or shrooms, but never post themselves, regardless of what the topic may be.

There are probably still others who have read about it, done their shrooms or LSD and never bothered to e-mail me or Flash at all, much less post here. We have no way of estimating their number.

Still, even adding in all these people we end up with maybe fifty to a hundred at the most who have either tried or intend to try, so your question is a valid one. I am curious myself to find out why some people have made up their minds to not even give it a shot, but I doubt you will get many respondents to your survey, partly because giving a reason exposes them to potential cajoling from the evangelists.

You are right... if done with even a modicum of discretion and common sense, there is no way the authorities would ever have an inkling that you were taking a prohibited medicine. You are also right that if taken according to instructions posted here there is no danger of getting much higher than one would drinking a few beers. And, of course, there is always the option of vacationing in one of the MANY places in the world where they are perfectly legal... like right here in the sunny Dominican Republic. Any clusterhead who ever visits me in person will always be welcome to sample the fruits of my labors.

I have resigned myself to knowing that only a small percentage of those who read my posts will ever act on them... but THOUSANDS of people will end up reading them. I guess that's why I keep posting.


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