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Posted by Flash ( on May 19, 2001 at 07:24:48:

In Reply to: And yet ANOTHER Shroom post. posted by Margi on May 18, 2001 at 10:32:17:

1) Some people believe that the law is always correct, especiall regarding activities that they themselves have never indulged in. They may actually believe that there are some tangible distinctions between plants, over the counter medications, prescription drugs, and controlled substances. What they fail to realise is that there is no clear line between drugs and other substances. Everything is a drug to some extent. Giraffes liver is psychoactive. Too much of almost anything can kill, including water. Not all controlled substances are addictive. Not all controlled substances were always controlled. Some things you can freely purchase over the counter used to be controlled. What is illegal in one country might be illegal elsewhere. US and UK lawmakers do not have a monopoly on good decision making. Not all laws are made for the right reasons. Democracy involves lobbying. The drug companies would lobby against cannabis, psilocybin and LSD ever being made legal, since those substances are significantly cheaper, less profitable and more effective than anything they themselves market. Heroin, cocaine and amphetamine are still prescribed to non-addicts for medical reasons. New clinical trial are starting on thalidamide. Ecdysterone (probably the most important anti-cancer discovery ever) is currently a controlled substance in Australia. Does that mean that Suma Root is only bad for cancer sufferers in Australia? Jim Henson denied himself a blood transfusion because it was against his religion. In the UK I can legally indulge in anal sex with any male over the age of 21, but if I soddomise my wife in the privacy of our own home then I go to jail. In the UK a 16 year old woman can go to jail for fucking a 15 year old man. In England (not Scotland) people can have sex at 16 but may not get married until they are 18. Laws are at best a clumsy tool that enable us to punish people who do harmful things. At worst they are a selfish and evil abuse of power and trust. Live by your own moral code!

2) Only those that have tried treating their CH with hallucinogens are aware of how truely effective they are. Everyone else believes them to be no more valid than melatonin, pepper sauce, masterbation, biofeedback, and all the other shit. And I do mean shit. The treatment is here. We have found it. The problem is that it's lost in a sea of false treatments that might have worked once for sombody somewhere because their 1500 attack hit them at 1505 instead. Whoopee ding dong. And then there are all the usually ineffective prescription treatments, of which the best are probably Imitrex and Verapamill. Anything else I just wouldn't risk. In fact I won't even risk those - what would be the point while the shrooms are working? That's just letting the government forceme into giving a drug company most of my disposable income. Then there are the surgery options. I'm sorry but anyone that resorts to that before trying shrooms is a fucking idiot, and way beyond help... especially after the operation.

3) Their headaches aren't really sore enough. What I classed as a #9 in 1990 I'd only class as a #7 now. I imagine that what August classes as a #7 I would class as a #11. It is plainly obvious that very few of us have experienced the max pain that this condition can deliver. IF anyone is interested in experiencing more pain from CH then I can give them some pointers on how to raise their headaches 2 clicks up the kip scale. It is notable that many of the people that I genuinely believe to have experienced more pain that I have ever been in are those who have tried the shrooms. In other words if they are really that fucking sore then no law, religion, fear, or anything else will stop you.

4) Some people wouldn't know what to do if they didn't have CH to blame for all their short comings. Kenn's theory. And I hate to admit that he's right. This isn't a rehersal. There is no excuse for not knowing your lines.

5) Apathy. I get emails from people who have had CH 20 or 30 years, perhaps 5 years since their last remission, asking me to send them shrooms. Now forgive my cynicism, but what difference will another 6 weeks make, during which time you could produce your own? Why should I risk my liberty? I already spend too much of my free time posting information here. 6 weeks is not going to kill anyone. My guess is that most of these people wouldn't even get around to using them anyway. My shrooms would probably be wasted. So I'd advise everyone to get off their backside and order their perfectly legal spores. And if you are worried about being sent the wrong shrooms then get a guide book, or vists where you can access identification guides. Worried about being ripped off for $25 - then just remember that it's a drop inb the ocean compared with what the drug companies have taken off you in the past.

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